March 27th, 2006


Non-meaningful Entry, of Sorts, I guess

Ok, several things.

I am NOT in a bad mood and the "hermit" entry was not directed to anyone in particular. Living on this earth is hard enough without a bunch of people who think they're being cute by bestowing upon certain peoples a ray of happiness, aka, stupid people. It is just frusterating, and I think the life of a hermit would be much easier than "mingling" with the peoples, as it were. If the earth didn't suck, we'd all be floating in space, yeah, yeah.....

School starts up again tomorrow. Joy Joy.

Erin is back from her trip to Wisconsin. Yay!

I think tomorrow is going to be the end of this 'blogathon'. We shall see.

I have the weekend off...yays!

Well, I don't feel like doing a meaningful rant for now, so have a good one.

The Allengator