March 23rd, 2006

Ice King, Adventure Time

The Week I Like to Call: "Spring Break".

As I earlier told you, I was going to elaborate about my week, as of today. Now most people do exciting things, like go on trips, go out with friends, or sleep during spring break, but your lovely host of this blog decided to give all of that up just to give you something interesting to read. I spend most of my spring breaks doing nothing (aka, working at stupid fresh), which is fine by me.

Monday was work. Boo!

Tuesday is the day we are looking forward to hearing about. Well, I woke up around 6 am and got out of bed and gathered up my materials. I took, of course, the lapster, my celly, a puzzle book, the latest pears book, "The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide" (Douglas Adams, yo!), and 3 liters of Vault soda. Oh yeah, Erin was with me.....minor detail. I went to pick her up about 7 am and we went back to my house, got the soda cooler ready, put my stuff in the car, waited for my sister to return with some Dr. Pepper (she said she wanted caffiene). We head off, shortly returning to my home because my sister forgot her wallet. We head off again. I showed Erin the two funny episodes from season six of "Three's Company" and we were at Branson Meadows around 9 am. For those of you who aren't familliar with factory merchants, most, except for the stupid Levi store, don't open until 10. So we went into the Levi store. I looked at pants. Many bright colored hoodies and pants browsing later, Erin and I regrouped in the women's apperal section. She threated to drag me through the lingere section. That would have been fine with me, because then I would know her size and suprise her with a present the next time I saw her....but I digress. It still would have freaked me out some though.

Erin and I went back to the car (author's note: I will refer to Erin and I and "us", "we", and so forth for the rest of the entry. Yes, my mom and sister were along for the ride, but we didn't go to many places together. If it involves the four of us, I will so state in the entry. This is for clarifacation for those people who are actually concerned about stuffs like that, and if you are, you scare me.). We walked around to see if anyone else was open, but no one else was, so we went back to my car. We waited for the clock to toll 10, and it did, and all was well. We went to the christian store, and I looked for a book titled "Plain Talk". I did not find it. I stuck around with Erin the rest of the time in the store. Then we went to a bookstore called "Foozles". I found some humorous books and a dvd. The we went to "Gamewerks", but I found nothing (Erin's not into videogames). Then The shoe store, but I did not find anything that I wanted. Then we went into the "Men's Big & Tall" store where they were having a sale and low and behold, I found some cargo pants on sale. The we went to the recently moved car and left for the Tanger outlet mall.

We got there and we went to the bookstore (affiliated with "Foozles, but under a different name), again, found a book. Then we had lunch at the A&W restaraunt in the corner. I had a rootbeer float with chicken strips and fries. Erin only got a hamburger. We caught up to my mom and sister and we talked there for a while. Then we went to the shoestore. Ifound some Doc Martens, which totally made my day. I then paid and changed my shoes. We went to Eddie Bauer and I got a backpack (cause they LAST. I've had mine for almost 4 years and hardly any wear shows. I use it, honest!), because rumor has it that they may be going out of business soon. We stopped by Old Navy, and we got nothing, but Erin eyed the t-shirts there. We went back to my car and she wanted to go back to Old Navy, so we did, and (with my help) she picked out shirts for her because she wanted "more color" in her wardrobe. I asked her if I should get some of the polos on sale. She helped me find good colors, and we paid and left. Erin changed into a pink shirt and oh my looked GREAT on here, to say the least. My mom and sister showed up and we left for the other half of the mall. I headed for the new "Sketchers" store and got some new work shoes, so I was happy. We went to "Bass" shoes and Erin found nothing, so we went to the mucic store after that, again, finding nothing. Then we found another shoe store, and guess what. NOTHING. Then we went to another Chrstian store and they didn't have "Plain Talk" either. So we went back to the car and worked on some puzzles. The Red Roof Mall called our names.

We went to the, big suprise, Christian store, and Erin found a book. We then went to a place called "Tuesday Morning", and let me tell you, it was like an indoor garage sale of item people didn't want from retail stores. They had a side isle dedicated to Christmas items. Erin fretted over what scrapbook to get, and she finally chose one and paid for it. Then we went to the shoe store, and I just wanted to see their selection. Then we went to the music store and found nothing. Same thing with the toy store. We went to the bookstore and I found "The Darwin Awards III" and I was ecstatic. We headed for my car and my sister was rearranging bags in the trunk. We left for what I thought was home, but my mom wanted to check out the new Target store.

It was nice. I found 2 cds and decided to check out "Blue Collar TV" first season vol. 1 and lost Erin in the process. My mom wanted me to pick out chips for supper when we returned home. I paid for my stuff, took a picture of me sitting on a red ball placed in front of the store, and left for home.

We stopped at the Walmart Supercenter, after calling my dad, in Ozark, and I got 2 T-shirts and, of course, a big can of cashews. My sister wanted to go to "The Dollar Tree" next door and then we left for home (For real this time).

Erin and I played games in the dark and we got home, my mom found out she lost her Old Navy stuff somewhere, and she went to cooking pizzas. I got my new digital camcorder and I medded with it while watching "Blue Collar TV". Then "The Amazing Race" came on and Erin and I cheered the team we like most on. They didn't get eliminated, but the previews for next week's episode didn't look promising. I then took Erin home. After I came back, I asked my mom if we were going to Joplin, and she said she wasn't sure, because she wasn't feeling well. So I went to my room and watched some more "Blue Collar TV" (yes, I am a fan of the SHOW now, not the movies though) before going to sleep in the wee hours of the morning.

Hours later, its Wednesday morning and the sun is shining. My mom wakes me up saying its time to go to Joplin. We leave and gas up in Springfield. Ends up the pump is one of the "pre pay" ones, so I went inside, gave the guy $40 (gas prices...I swear...), and pumped in the crude. Went back inside for the change. We then left for Joplin, as I messed with my camcorder and watched some "Blue Collar TV". We made it to Joplin and my sister wanted to go to "The Dollar Tree" Then we went to "The North Park Mall". I didn't get a thing. I went to Old Navy, the Christian Store (stop me if you've heard this one before), Babbages, B. Dalton, Hot Topic (Just looking for Beatles gear, seriously!), and nothing! So I waited in my car for my sister and mom, and we decided to eat at the food court. I ate at Chik-fil-et (sp?) and I was pleased with my nuggets and waffle fries. The we went to dollar deals and for once, I found nothing. That was a suprise. The we went to (fanfare) Hastings. I spent, I believe, 2 hours in there. I got "Blue Collar Comedy Season 1 Volume 2", "The Ledgend of Zorro", and a book to help me with certification tests. We then left for home. After that, it got bring again. I watched "Lost" and it was decent. Went to slee in the wee hours.

Slept in today. sad thing it was 8:30 when I woke up. Sad. Used to be about 1 pm, but no, it was 8:30. I was in grief. I layed around all day and got my hair cut, and here I am.


That was a mouthful.

Now, I rest from typing so much. I hope your vacation is not as interesting as mine (meaning I hope its better).

Peace out.

Conform! Watch "Blue Collar TV"! (HA! GOTCHA!)

The Allengator