March 22nd, 2006


Sleep, Don't Fail Me Now

I stayed up late watching "Blue Collar TV" and I was awaken by my mom saying it was time to go to Joplin. Yeah, got about 5 hours of sleep. Tomorrow, I resolve to SLEEP in as long as possible. I think this partial insomnia and energetic spasms may be due to......dare I say it....Vault.

Yes, yes. Nearly every entry on here I beg people to Conform and Drink Vault, but I think there are some side effects. The caffiene will keep you awake. If you drink too much of it, your body starts convulsing. If you drink more, twitches will come around. It also causes some digestiatory problems that I prefer not to clarify.

I think Vault is still the best thing around.

Ok, I hope tomorrow I can provide more information about my week, which is partially narcoleptic, and partially delusional (I mean isn't that what sring break is all about?). Fun times.

By the way, I still plan on putting up the audio entry and I hope to add some other goodies soon. Please be patient.

Have a good rest o' the week.

Conform! Drink Vault (in moderation)!

The Allengator