March 20th, 2006

Ice King, Adventure Time

Prepping for Tomorrow, an Honest Boring Entry

I will be a lone guy in car car with 3 women. Sigh. I have a bad feeling about this....anywho, I think everything is ready. My car is clean, needs gas in it. I better do that before my shower tonight. I have breakfast/snack food for the trip, as well as 3 liters of Vault. I have my books packed, lappy space, and clothes. I have my wallet, checkbook and cards. I need to make a list of stuffs to look for. I WISH MY CAMCORDER WOULD COME IN!!!!!!!!!!!

All in all, I hope tomorrow is awexome.

Programming note: I probably won't update until LATE tomorrow, like 10:30. Wednesday should be back to normal and Thursday will be interesting.

I hope everyones spring break is fun, or at least relaxing.


The Allengator