February 25th, 2006

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You Know That Thing That's Awkward to Talk About?

Warning: Not for the easily offended

Well, one main rule in general conversations is to avoid the topics of politics and religion as I understand it. Me, I could personally care less about politics, besides making fun of them, which is usually easy. If someone is really string up on policy, I tell them to shut up. If that doesn't work, I tell them that they aren't respecting me as a person. If that doesn't work, I tell them to leave me alone, because, as I said, I could care less, and no matter how much you try to convince me, you are just making me despise you more in the end. If that doesn't work....just kidding. I don't mean to say that I don't enjoy a debate every once in a while, as long as everyone can act like an adult and respect each other's opinions (which is why I rarely talk about it).

But I digress.

Anyways, I really meant to talk about the latter, religion. Truth be told, I am a pretty hard core Christian. I do not tolerate cussing, profane topics, offensive acts, and such. I mean truly, thats how I am. Try to find a cuss word on any of my blogs, whenever I talk. None. Seriously, thats how I am. Anyways, not wanting to get into specifics, but I find religion an even tougher topic to tackle with my peers. I try to not talk about it much. I mean some people do, but I keep to myself. For example, Lent is going to be starting soon, and I wonder why. Why do people take part in it? I hear people saying "I'm giving up chocoalte", or "I'm refraining from dating". Those 40 days. Those specific 40 days. Thats my problem. Seriously. I personally do not see anything wrong with spiritual fasting, like going without chocolate, for example. I could say I give up writing in my blog for a week (ok, I HAVE, but not for those reasons :P). I do not have a problem with it. I just ask, why those specific 40 days? Yeah, its 40 days before Easter (Don't even get me started on Easter...), on "Ash Wednesday", and my question is, "why?" Churches have special services or classes that go along with Lent, and I ask "Why?" Sigh...I'm sorry if I offend anyone, but seriously. "Why?" If you can give me a book, chapter, and verse, we can talk. There are other things that make me ask that too. Why baptize babies? Why only have Lord's Supper once or twice a year? Why allow homosexuals to take up priesthood or encourage their behavior? Why do some discount baptism completely? Why do some churches only teach "happy, good-feeling" sermons? Why allow women to preach? Why have Lord's supper on any day besides Sunday? Why celebrate Dec. 25th as Christ's Birthday? Why denominationalism? Why do we have churches with different names? Why not believe in God or Jesus? Why instrumental music in worship?

I better shut up before I totally have people wanting to kill me.

Again, not forcing my views on anyone, but have you really thought about the traditions versus the inspired word? Did man come up with these ideas, or is it in the Bible? Why can't I always get a book, chapter and verse, and if I do, why don't I get context or consistansy? Now do you see why I don't talk about this sort of stuff? I have no problems making enemies over these issues, and I'm not afraid of losing friends either. I know I feel confident about my beliefs and I can give you consistant, contextual proof, and if I can't, I know someone who can. I know it seems bull-headed, close-minded, and such, but thats how I am. Thats WHO I am.

I am not afraid of going to places to experiance their services, but I usually do it only as an observatory thing instead of worshiping, if I find something amiss.

Two rules I go by:
1) Give proof in contextual book, chapter, and verse form
2) Do not add to or take away from the word

I'm sorry if I have made you mad, but this isn't meant to be a sugar-coated entry, or a gentle one either. Truth be told, I could be more harsh. I probably should be more harsh. I am still a young babe in Christ, I am still trying to learn. I pray to be more bold. I hope one day to be more bold. I pray God gives me the strength to make it through the next day. I pray for my family. I pray for my friends. I pray for the truth.

Our Heavenly Father
Please be with me while I walk through this world
I know some obsticles will come my way
I pray that you will give me strength to overcome them
I also pray for the word. The truth.
I pray that I do your excellent will and not to pevert the gospel.
I pray for the sick, afflicted, widows and orphans. I pray they will find the light of your excellent mercy.
I pray that on the day of judgement, that I can stand before you and hear "Well done thy faithful servant. Enter ye into the joys of the Lord."
I pray that you will be with me, even to the end of my life, and of the world.
Please be with my loved ones who are near to me. Give them strength as you give me mine.
I pray that in the end, I will find a home in heaven.
In thy holy name, amen.

I feel like I will be getting some backlashes from this, but I would not be a faithful servant if I can not face adversity.

I'm sorry once again if you are offended or mad at me. I wish that it were not true. I am just asking questions, that's all. If you feel like talking to me about it, I am open for discussion, but it might be a repeat of what I said on here. I have no idea what inspired me to write this, but I just felt like it had to be done. Yes, I can be serious, and yes, I can be deep. I have not laughed or thought "thats funny" when getting into the religious part of the entry. I have said it with an open heart. You have some choices to make:

1) Respect my views.
2) Read and study on the things I mentioned.
3) Read and not care
4) Read, and be so offended that you want to yell at me
5) Ignore everything and wait for the next entry.

The choice is yours.

The Allengator