February 24th, 2006

Homestar Runner, Homsar

Vault? Vhat's a Vault?

I figure that today will be a let down after yesterday's major blog-athon (7 entries in all), so I will keep this short and sweet.

I have found my calling today.


Thats right folks, I have conformed to the society of vault-drinkers everywhere.


Its good. Remember Surge? It just like it, like, for the most part. Maybe not exactly like it, but pretty dar close. When I first tasted it, it brought me down memory lane and drinking Surge....oh man. I gave it a perfect 5 star rating on my new product test (I try new stuffs at work). A 5 star is almost unheard of, seriously. Last time it went to....hmmm......well, closest has been yoplait chocolate whip, with a 4.7. Like, the last thing was T G I Fridays bacon-cheddar potato skins, back in '05. Ouch! I have very high standards. Anyways, I was in ecstasy, and exclaimed "This soda is FREAKIN' AWESOME, holy monkey!" Yeah.


And for those watching the sugars, there is Vault Zero. Check out the stats on the site. get some at Stupid Fresh for $0.99 for a 20-oz Vault Zero or a 1-liter Vault (In produce) Trust me, its a dollar well spent. Sigh.

I <3 Vault!!!

I am so psyched that I was considering changing my ending message to "CONFORM! DRINK VAULT!" But I decided not to, because "The Allengator" has been my moniker for years, I mean years. But still...maybe itl be a sub ending message....hmm.....

Lets try it!


The Allengator
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