January 13th, 2006

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Car Frustrations

I am upset. Lets see if you can figure out why.

MY car has had a coolant tank problem since I got it, but I could not afford the part at first. Well, I planned on getting it fixed soon, but the check engine light of my car came on, and would not turn off. Very frusterating. I took it to a mechanic, and he said it was a broken head gasget. It would run me about $400 for the job. I paid $68 for the previous oil change and whatnot. Well, the part came in, and it leaked long enough that he said coolant was mixing with water and oil in my engine, and I would need a new engine. I knew I was at fault for my neglect, so he told me it would cost $1200 for a new engine. HE said the previous $400 job would not count. I told him to do it, and he installed the new engine. I got my car back, and was shocked at the state. The windshield has a FRESH crack in it, halfway up, the air conditioner did not work, the cruise control doesn't work, and the power steering acted funny, mostly because he just put in a new one, so the squeeling was to be expected. Not only that, oil was dripping out. I took my car back, and he started swearing up and down that he did not do it. I told him that there was none when I brought it here, and I think I would notice a crack HALF WAY THROUGH THE WINDSHIELD! Again, he denies, so I leave. HE calls, tells me he feels bad (doesn't admit he's lying) and he would put in a new windshield, free of charge. I agreed, but knowing that he was the one who lied (I have photographic proof, but oh well...) Also, my check engine light was STILL on. I was upset. I took it in, showed him the list of wrong stuff, and he said it would take a day. It came home, new windshield, no check engine light on, supposed air conditioner working (yeah, turn on the AC in 30 degree weather....) and no oil leak. Notice something missing? Cruise control. I asked my parents. He said it was broke before it came in......sound familliar? Again, he swore up and down that it didn't work before it came in, and both parents know, FOR A FACT, as well as myself, that it worked before we sent it in. So, we caught him in another lie, and he refused to fix ut unless WE find the part and pay for it. He said he lost money on my car, which, again, is false. Never going to him again.

*People of marshfield, NEVER go to Marshfield Automotive behind Casey's*

Sorry, but I HAD to rant

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