January 12th, 2006

Ice King, Adventure Time

Suddenly, I Remember How to Type!

Yay, non vocal entry coming your way.

Anyways, I saw yesterday's lost, it was muy bueno, and I now have a new favorite saying for the time being,

"Are you going to hit me with your Jesus stick?"

Yeah, I liked it. Compelling backstory for Mr. Eko, who is still one of my favorite characters, next to Hurley that is. Short Sketch of the Eppy: Mr. Eko tells Clair that Charlie's Virgin Mary statues are actually heroin containers, which were smuggled on a Nigerian plane, and Charlie is in hot water. Mr. Eko, an extremely religious person, orders Charlie to take him to where he found the statues, and after some nagging (ok, Charlie's), Charlie takes him. They come across one of the island's "monsters" and Eko stares it down, despite pictures (missed it, but heard it on various forums) of his past in the cloud of smoke (creature? a wall of smoke?) and they trip over a corpse, which was someone Eko knew. He opened the man's shirt and doesnt find squat, so they continue to the plane. As for the flashback, young Eko and Yemi, his younger brother get seperated while some military cult infiltrates the village. Eko drops his necklace and Yemi retrieves it. Its a cross. Many years later, Mr. Eko has become a notorious drug gangster and Yemi a priest. Eko visits his brother, telling him that if he can use one of the planes for transport of goods (heroin) he would give enough money for the polio vaccine for the entire village. His brother refuses. Then Eko comes in again and asks his brother to sign him as a priest, as well as his two clunkies, threatening to burn down the church. His brother does and recieves money for the polio, saying that even though his brother is using his signature, he still loved him. Eko and company are loading the plane with Virgin Mary Statues, filled with heroin, to the plane, his brother shows up, wanting to stop him, wanting to save his life. Eko says no, and as they are boarding, the military pulls up, and Eko tries to get in the plane. Yemi pulls him out and says he's saving his life. As soon as the shooting stops, Yemi yells at them to stop, but the military guns him down (All the guys were wearing collars, so they couldnt tell who was the good priest and who were the smugglers). Eko's clunkies grab Yemi and fly off. One of the shooters asks if he is ok, calling him father, and Eko sees them fly off. End flashback. So I guess Eko went straight from then on out and became a real priest. Charlie and him find the plane, and Mr. Eko finds Yemi, and takes his necklace, the cross one, and Eko starts to cry. He pours gas on Yemi and burns him in the plane. Its really sad. Yemi didn't realize how much he really DID save Eko's life, and then Eko recites Psalm 23.

I thought it was good.

Non-tv related stuffs. Going back to school next Tuesday. Fun fun fun. I'm going to learn about robotics and VB.net. Will update as time permits. Erin and I haven't spent as much time as I hoped, but one never knows what the future holds.

Thats all for now, gotta catch me some Z's.

The Allengator