December 20th, 2005

Ice King, Adventure Time

Long Week, but Doesn't That Apply to Most?


I was hoping to updating this more than once a week :S. Oh well, anyways my week, in review...

Finished Christmas shopping in Thursday.

Got EXTREMELY sick on Sunday, I mean bad. I was throwing up, like for the first time in years. I did it 5 times in the same day, as well as breaking 100 degree temp. Not fun, but I am MUCH better now, but not 100%.

Found some interestig stuffs on the internet.

Power Rangers Parody

Beatles Deathmatch (PG 13 for animated violence)

Politically Correct Christmas Story

I'll have some other chrstmas stuffs later this week.

I went to a pep band game for the first time in a year. It was fun...woulda been better minus the headaches and whatnot.

Thats it for now...have a good one.

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