December 8th, 2005

Ice King, Adventure Time

Back for a sec, or maybe a few minutes...I dunno.....


Sorries for not posting, but I've been ubber busy with college work and such. I have my finals next Tuesday whick will be back to back to back with the first three, then my last one that evening. Wish me luck (and good pencils...).

I had to get Aaron a present for Christmas, cause it might be the last time I see him (deep sigh).

I have everyone bought for for Christmas except my sister and Erin's folks. Hopefully I can finish it Saturday. I also have my cards to give to loved ones and the others (sorry guys :( lol).

If the Christmas present I got Erin doesn't touch her (possibly nearly put her in tears) I'll consider myself not knowing her.....but I think she'll love it (not another ring this time, dear).

I'm also working on my Linux system now (my project for the month off). Its fedora core 4, and I's having some troubles on it, for example, my wireless NIC is not detected, and no drivers for Linux is on the site. Plus, how do I get downloaded programs to work? Anyone know some good begginer's book or source for an unexperianced Linux user? Much help is appreciative.

I'm going to go now, got class. I hope to start updating on a more regular basis in a week.

Never seen so many parenthesis before....(heh)

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