November 22nd, 2005

Ice King, Adventure Time

The Saga of Petey the Monkey - LJ1

Petey the monkey was depressed. He decided to go to the local arcade and waste some time. He found a racing car game. He was good at it. He liked the game because of the semi-naked ladies oogling his ferrarai. "If only those ladies were real" he thought. He played a game with a fake gun. He defeated the end boss. The secretary of the mafia kissed his character. "If only that lady was real," he thought. He played some ski-ball. He scored a perfect game. The machine spit out several hundred tickets, and a free game. A few guys watched as another perfect game was thrown into the machine. More people watched, including some really nice looking girls. With each perfect game rolled, more people and more tickets were pushed out of the machine. "I have finally found my calling," thought Petey, waist deep in a pile of tickets. Soon the tickets covered his person, except his arm, which still rolled perfect games. And more tickets spit out, suffocating him, causing him to pass out. The crowd cheered, because the ski ball machine was finally available again.

Moral: Crowds aren't always supportive.

The Allengator