November 20th, 2005

Ice King, Adventure Time

Abbott and Costello Would be so Proud

So I've been feeling pretty sickly today, so I stayed home from church. So I started watching Three's Company (Season 5, yo) and been watching some interesting stuffs. Well, here's what happened. We heard a crash in the kitchen earlier today, and one of my mother's favorite measuring cups (oooo, Christmas gift) broke. Some shards of glass went everywhere, even into the other bowls. Well, I decided to have some ramen noodles for supper, and I grabbed a bowl out of the pantry. The bad ones were on the counter underneath. I got distracted half way into getting all hte junk out, that I accidently filled one of the bad bowls up with noodles and started cooking, unbeknownst that I left the good bowl on the kitchen table. My dad came in and asked me where I got my bowl. I told him I got it from the cabinet and put it on the.......crap. He asked me if I used a bad bowl (I did not know about the incident until later). I just said yes, and he took it outside to the compost. he brought the bowl back in (the bowls are nearly identical) and asked me if he took out the right bowl. I said yes. SO he asked me if that meant he took out the correct bowl, like from the cabinet. I said no, he took out the bad one. He asked if I put it on the table. I said no, I put the good one on the table. So he asked me if he took the correct one out. I said yes....getting frusterated. He asked if he just threw out some perfectly good $0.20 noodles, and I said no. I might have had some shards of glass in it. So them he questions if the one on the table (the good one) was the one that needed to be washed. I said no, it would be the one I was cooking in. He said, "but you cooked in the bad one." I said I knew that, but that was the intended bowl. So he asked me if he took out the right bowl. I said yes.........this goes on for about 5 minutes, and he ends it by walking off and grunting something about good old-fashioned bologna sandwhiches......I think he would live on bologna sandwhiches if he didn't have my mom, which ironically, she retorted as they walked out to go to evening services....

"You're full of bologna"

The Allengator
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