October 26th, 2005

Ice King, Adventure Time

Update for my 10 minutes of free time

Hey everyone

As I said before, been very busy with schoolwork, and it'll be like this until, um.....like the first of November. My paper is 40% complete, so I'm working on bits and pieces every day. Before I forget, here is a list of stuffs I hope to write about soon:

1) The Dance
2) Erin's Birthday Present
3) Other issues that have risen in the past few days

I'm sure the list should be longer, but this will do...and just wait, I'm sure (especially with my past of saying stuff like this) I'll never get around to it, with my luck. Now, some quick shout outs:

Amanda,I always have your back and I support you 100%, no matter what you decide to do with your future. I know you have thought it out and havecome to the solution that best fits what you want. No matter what, I believe in you

Erin, I...uh....love you

Sara, good luck with chemistry!!!!!

David, Good luck with the ladies, and black combs

People of Earth, hug someone you know....you never know when they might need it.

Allen, go back to doing your paper.....

The Allengator
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