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'Gator? I hardly knew her!

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Why Some People Should Not Be Mechanics
Ice King, Adventure Time
Yesterday I was leisurely strolling past my front room window which has a breathtaking (sarcasm for the win!) view of the local library. What I saw was humanity at its best. There was a car that exploded and was on fire, there was a man kind of looking bewlidered, kids getting out of the car, and a woman who was doing something truly insane, but I will reveal exactly what later.

The account as told to me was this. The van that they were driving was having some problems and needed a repair, so they pulled into the library's parking lot. Now, I am giving him the benefit of the doubt, maybe it was the closest parking recepticle in respect to the van with little traffic. I am being generous.

Well, whatever he was working on sprung some kind of leak, and there was some sort of chemical reaction that caused some sort of firey explosion. I can't believe I missed that. So the kids got out safe, the man cas bewildered, and the wife, here is the kicker, was SMOKING A CIGARETTE. I was starting to wonder if that might have what caused the explosion. No one was hurt, and that was a wonder.

Anyways, the fire people showed up, put out the fire, etc. etc.. Today they finally got it towed, which made me sad, because it was a firm reminder of the epic failness of some humanity.

It made me sad that I never got to say goodbye to the van of humanity.

The Allengator

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That sounds like a wonderful example of the city's finest at work again! Honestly, I would like to say that certain points of that story surprised me, however, they didn't at all! Just glad to hear that nobody was hurt. :0)

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