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On the Scarcity of Televised Magician Specials
Ice King, Adventure Time
The other day I was wondering something: where have all the magicians/illusionists gone? I mean about a decade ago, you could rarely go a month without seeing some sort of magic show on tv. What the blooming heck happened to them. Well, after catching a glimpse of an encore presentation of the Bonnie Hunt Show today, I think I have figured out the reason why. The reason is simply the background music almost ALWAYS blows during a magic show.

You know what I mean, you hear some sort of ambient, house-type arrangement that is supposed to sound like some sort of mystical presentation, and none of them have ever sounded much good. I remember one special on years ago, it might have been David Copperfield, and they were "reuniting" a "lost" "son" and "father", and the music sounded like it came from a bunch of partially drunk glass bottles of Pepsi Cola.

Also, one other reason I think magicians have lessened is because of one guy by the name of Davic Blaine. He is not, in my opinion, a magician or illusionist, well, at least as far as his main stunts are concerned. When you hear the man's name, what do you think of? I think of some deluded grandurous guy who tried to drown, freeze, and sit on a pole, just to get attention. Seriously, this guy is not cheating death, he is simply cheating you out of an hour or two of your life.

But yeah, I will stick with my music theory in case there are any frantic David Blaine fans out there. But you have to admit, even on his "specials", the music sucks, yeah?

Q.E.D. Thus is it proved.

The Allengator

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Hey ! You have been a bit harsh and I guess you don't really know David Blaine but you have seen what he does and you think its stealing hours of your life away. I read is book and he is the guy that made me start magic. It has nothing to do with his specials. Its only about magic and the way people think nowadays. The man brought back magic for the people. Its not on a stage but its in your hands. If you look closely the majority of his tricks are not watched by the people because they involve them in the act. Thats the new thing he developped : the street magic concept. Its hard to put it on a video afterwards so he had this crazy idea to gather people around magic and especially about feats that random people can do but just didnt think about it to emphasize magic.
Regarding the music, I agree and its always not that good but it will improve at some point, with the new talents coming up and they are loads of them. I guess you have never seen some great videos of Tudor with Dj Shadow or some other well made. If I find a good one, I'll let you know.

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