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Mega Media Monday 05.25.09 (Nintendo DS Edition)

First off, a shout out to the brave men and women on this Memorial Day. Thank you for your sacrifices, whether of life or of time.

This week will be short and sweet, but I am putting five DS games that I think are underrated and that people should pick up. Check out which ones you should be checking out!

Locke's Quest

This game is an RTS "tower defense" game that is kind of a cross breed of Age of Empires and Zelda, in a way. You control Locke, who builds walls and turrets to defend areas of a map, and during battle you can either have him fight or work on defenses as you wish. It also has a submersive story with an ending I garuntee you will not see coming. I hope to see more of it!

Soul Bubbles

This is a calm, yet intriguing game that is sort of like a maze, but you can manipulate the object that is trying to get to the end. It is both for the patient and the puzzle type enthusiasts.

Yoshi's Island DS

What many people assume is a port is a shame, because this is NOT a port, as you can see that the boss here does not resemble any boss on the SNES counterpart. Yes, it does play exactly like the original, but has enhancements and also ups the challenge factor.

Retro Game Challenge

This is a collection of retro games that are strikingly similar to games of old. This, however, isn't your typical minigame collection. You have to beat "challenges" to clear the stage and unlock furthur games. It also includes a fairly big RPG, so it also has longevity and replayability.

Rhythm Heaven

This is a series of minigames brought to you by the same makers of the "WarioWare" franchise. These are minigames where you simply tap or flick your way through a level. There are 50 levels, spanning 24 different minigames, 10 remixes, and 16 "advanced" levels. It gets difficult, and its even harder to get "superb" or "perfects", but its worth it as there are also plenty of unlockables and things. To get an idea of what the minigames look like, I suggest the 10th remix:

Crazy, huh?

Those are my suggestions that scope some outside to the megaton hits of the DS. Some are strategy, classic platforming, minigames, retro, and action-puzzle oriented, and I think these need to be highly considered for the average DS player.

As always, like I mentioned yesterday comment, suggest, make me happy please :D. That is all I ask, and I don't think that is too much to ask. I hope you join in next week for more media goodness. Until then, happy watching!

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