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Mega Media Monday 5.18.09 (School Edition)

Higher learning can sometimes be a dangerous thing. Sometimes, though, it can be a funny thing too. This week's Mega Media Monday, in its 46th(!) week will show you all things you may be missing in your academic life. This is also for all those kids who are either already out, or close to being done for the school year. Enjoy!


Another weird Japanese game show where they strive to be quiet in the library. Looks painful!

School is for Losers! - Potter Puppet Pals

Harry Potter spills all....

Learning English Home Words.

Why Learning French Will Let You Live Longer.

HA! Its funny because France hates the USA!

28 / 7 = 13

Classic Abbott and Costello comedy. I learned so much from it :D

That is all for this week's media. Sorry that it was filed under "edutainment", but it can't be helped sometimes. As always, give me comments, suggestions, video requests, or cookies, and I will do with them what I can...well, I know I'll eat the cookies, unless they are sugar free oatmeal ones in which case I will use them as glorified frisbees.

Join me next week for more entertaining and funny stuff....possibly....maybe...sorta...yeah, totally! Until then, happy watching!

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