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(Not) Two Week's Worth of Updates!!!

It looks like I have 2+ weeks of blogging due on here. Yeah. Sure do.

Again, I haven't been around much the past few weeks because of work and school. I do appreciate the more hours at work, but that was on top of final projects at school which require my immediate attention, and I cut it close. The day before it was due was the same night before inventory. After staying almost an hour over my time (that I surprisingly didn't get in trouble for or have to make up) I had to stay up until about 4 AM working on my final map.

This is where the real story begins.

The original assignment was to include an array of things we learned over the semester, but nothing too fancy. We needed doors, buildings, lights, and other things. We were supposed to go over them together and play on the maps, but I guess the teacher decided to just check them privately. I spent all those hours trying to tweak and make the map look more professional and non-buggy, but essentially, there was no point to it. Trust me, there were some maps that didn't look as polished as mine and were getting the same score. I wasn't mad, because I was proud of my map and everything, and I knew my staying up all night was still worth the 100% I got, but it seemed kinda pointless after the fact. I mean I'm ok with it, going into the final with a 100% (a first, I might add), so I am not remotely concerned about the final at all.

Inventory came and went like someone having several root canals at the same time. Its painful, annoying, and you know another is on the horizon, and when the people get the bill, they are a little disappointed and bitter. Yes, inventory is the root canal of my career at work. Managers become monsters, associates get irritated (I am no exception. I was until the night before and by then I was pretty irked.), and everyone is stressed until a week or two AFTER inventory. It has calmed down considerably, but there still lingers some aftermath in the air.

Funny side-story: While straightening up the books, I found one titled "Untamed Billionaire, Undressed Virgin". Wow.

My lappy had to have a full system restore thanks to the non-wonder that is known as Vista. With this being the second or third time I have had to do this, I am changing the name from "The Mother of All Lappys" to "Lappy 2.5". That has been an adventure, let me tell you. Nothing is more annoying than trying to download programs that are gigs large over a crappy DSL connection. It takes days nonstop just to get those suckers downloaded. I did get a new external hard drive and backed up everything to avoid those annoyances, but new ones popped up.

Let me be the first to say I freakin' love Amazon video on demand. Better than any I-anything any day, but the licenses issue is my biggest problem. To ITunes credit (last I knew, may be different now) if you have several computers you download music or videos too, and some of those go through multiple system restores (it happens in a typical computer lifetime), then you run out of licenses to be able to play the music or videos. There is an option to reset licenses, although you can only do so once a year, but that is more than enough for me. All you do is click the link, sign in to your account, and BOOM, you can play your media again. Easy. Here is Amazon:

"Uh, you need to uninstall Unbox to release the licenses. There is no way to get your, er, options back." By the way, their explanation? Buy the video again. I emailed them, and after several hours of waiting, I got them back, but it is a pain in the hind quarters to talk to a customer rep who doesn't quite grasp basic English vernacular. They were nice about it, but still. Making a link to do the same thing (I'm positive I am not the only one who has this problem) is easy and will make me feel better about not having some stranger go though my account. Please make it happen, Amazon. Although the videos actually WORK, which is something ITunes need to fix.

On top of that debacle there was the license issue with my music. Now there are some places online that do not require you to refresh your license (AmazonMP3) or are DRM free. I do have to purchase from non-DRM sites from time to time because the sites simply do not carry the song I am looking for. Well, usually its no big deal to get the rights again, but this time it is, because the place I got them from went out of business. Ugh. First off, how come I was not notified of this happening? The very least they would have done was say, "Yo. Going out of business. Back up what licenses you need." That would not have bothered me as much. No, they disappeared and did not give warning. I probably have about $20 worth of songs that I will now need to find somewhere else. The same thing happened last time I did a system restore. Annoying. No wonder pirating is so popular nowadays...not that I am a proponent (I am a huge anti-piracy nut myself).

The rest of the restore did go smoothly, however, and I am grateful for that.

Personally, I am a mess right now. I won't go into details at the moment, but I know very few people would understand how I feel. I have a whole other entry set aside for my issues, but let's just say I've had to do quite a bit of acting the past few weeks to keep from having people to judging me. That is no easy task when you work in the retail business, but I have learned the fine art of faking your feelings after a while. Plus I want to avoid awkward conversations with people, because they honestly don't care and I don't want their pity. I am hovering between "I'm fine" to "depression", leaning more towards the latter. More on this later (I just now how much you LOVE to hear me complain and moan about things on here).

As far as entertainment goes, I have not really found much music (Other than the classic "Banana Phone" by Raffi) or television to comment on. I am going to give Full Metal Panic and Burn Notice a shot, but nothing else really sounds that good at this point in time. I have gotten a taste for some FPS. Let me say that Portal is beyond amazing (though I hesitate to say its an FPS, but more of a puzzle game), and I have also played some Half-Life 2. Episodes aside, the game is actually quite good as it blends puzzle, action, and platforming to near perfection. I am also going to pick up Call of Duty 4 and Fallout 3 (which looks STUNNING, a post nuked Washington D.C.). I did try the original Call of Duty and actually enjoyed it to some extent. Taking the gaming course definitely broadened my view and allowed me to appreciate these games that I would have otherwise ignored.

There is a game on the DS called Rhythm Heaven, and I pity anyone who blows that game off. It is almost as good as Ouendan.

Speaking of Ouendan, my Ouendan 2 cart stopped working. I can't read what it says, but some message keeps popping up. I guess I'll have to buy another copy of it or something, as no matter how hard I look online, no one seems to have had the same problem.

I will be getting a new cell on Tuesday. If its a new number, I will let you guys know on Facebook or email. I refuse to post it on a public forum like this, no offense. I used to get bots and spam until I took my info off of LiveJournal. No joke.

I also know I have been slacking not only on the updating of this blog, but with my features outside the Mega Media Monday as well. Petey, Audio Blogs, Lyrics Tests, and the rest will be back soon. I just need some more time to get my ducks in a row as far as the computer restore is concerned. I please ask for your patience. But yes, there will be a new Mega Media Monday tomorrow.

So hopefully with school out of the way after Tuesday I can come back and post some more insights into my life and whatnot on here more often again. Again, sorry for not posting, but free time was a luxury that I didn't have for quite a while. I now almost welcome boredom. Sad, really.

Anyways, that is the end of this wall of text. Until tomorrow, be healthy!

The Allengator

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