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Mega Media Monday 04.27.09 (Chuck Finale Edition)

Tonight is the season (yes, I am being optimistic) finale of Chuck, and you need to watch it because if you don't, FULCRUM wins. It is on tonight at 8/7 central and pacific on your local NBC station. Why not enjoy a subway $5 footlong while you watch?

Never really watched it before? Well then I prepared the following primer to hopefully help you guys out. And...ACTION!

BLOGGER'S NOTE: Sorry guys, normally I screen the content of the videos before I post them, but I have had too much time constraints this week and I did not look at these. I am sorry if any of the following material is redundant.

Season 1 Recap

Some of the Best Scenes of Season 1

Conversation About Sandwiches

Chuck Saves His Dad

Action packed, yet silly. Prior knowledge: Chuck is packing a tranq gun and not a real one, just fyi.

Chuck Webisode 1 - Employee Health

Casey is probably one of my favorite characters on the show, and this is one of the reasons why. Check out the other employee vids and nerd herd ones (they make fun of Avril Lavigne. Another reason I love this show.).

Tonight also includes Chevy Chase, Morgan Fairchild, Bruce Boxleitner, Scott Bakula, and Tony Hale!!!!! Watch it tonight, for you won't be disappointed. I will probably have a recap of the episode up later in the week. I would love to say tomorrow, but I honestly don't know if I will get the time, but later more than likely. And this more or less concludes my campaign to save Chuck and give it a third season campaign on here. I will probably still be going on about the show and will keep you posted on further developments as

If you have any suggestions, hopes, dreams, suggestions, or erratic spontaneity, feel free to leave a comment below and I will see what I can do for you. We are also nearing closer and closer to not only the 50th Mega Media Monday, but the one year anniversary of it as well! Its still a couple of months, but it is nearing closer. I will have more on that later. But do leave suggestions of themes or videos and I will see what I can do. So until next Monday, happy watching!

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