Allen (allengator86) wrote,

The Saga of Petey the Monkey - LJ2

The Saga of Petey the Monkey

By The Allengator

Petey the monkey was playing in the snow one day. He was having fun, even though no one really wanted to play with him. “I wish someone would challenge me to a snowball fight.” Petey thought to himself. As if by miracle, a mysterious man in a cloak said in a digitally altered voice, “I will challenge you for the fact that no one wants to have a snowball fight with me.” “Okay,” said Petey, in an extremely joyous mood. He was building his snow fort, happy that someone wanted to play with him. “Maybe after the fight he will want to have some hot cocoa with me.” Petey dreamed. “For once in my pathetic life, I will have a friend!” “Ready?” the mysterious man asked. “Ready!” yelled an excited Petey. Petey threw a huge snowball and missed his target by a foot. The dark cloaked man threw the tiniest snowball recorded in Petey’s memory. The snowball struck Petey in the throat. The velocity of the snowball cracked an important vertebrae in his neck and he passed out. “Crap, I did it again!” ran away a guy with a presidential logo and the sun shining on his semi, bald head.

Lesson: Never have cocoa with a cloaked person

The Allengator
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