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Ten Reasons You Should Be Watching Chuck

You aren't watching Chuck? Shame on you!!!! Here are 10 very good reasons to watch the awesomeness that is Chuck.

10) Zachary, Yvonne, and Adam are all easy on the eyes, amirite?

9) Guest stars have been totally awesome, including Chevy Chase, Scott Bakula, the guy from Arrested Development, Andy Richter, Dominic Monahghan, and many others! Talk about a nice list!

8) This show is perfect for those who want to pick up on some nerd mannerisms. For example, Call of Duty is terrific while facing off on jocks is not.

7) The background music is simply some of the best on television, and it changes from episode to episode, and has not slacked off....unlike some certain shows....*coughcoughheroesandlostcoughhack*

6) This is true especially with the first season, but every episode feels like an action-packed spy film, like James Bond. Even the villains look Bond-esque.

5) Continuity is strong, but not a requirement to enjoy. They keep some minute details, like the "Aces" comment, or Chuck being a green shirt in a flashback, for long time fans, but new people should be able to pick it up with no problem except for a few essentials.

4) Adam Baldwin. That is all.

3) Buy More, while sometimes feeling like an unnecessary appendage, really does capture the overall mood in the modern retail circuit.

2) The show has almost everything. It has plenty of action, sexual tension (Chuck and Sarah), odd sexual tension (Chuck and Casey. They kiss....heh...), comedy, drama, and character development. All it lacks is western flavor, but c'mon, who wants that in a SHOW ABOUT NERDS????

1) The show is relatable on many levels. Chuck is depicted not only as a nerd, but also as a charming, nearly normal everydayman. I don't know how the writer's do this from week to week, making Chuck seem like Chuck, but with a spy side, but they do this nearly to perfection. If you can't relate yourself to the series in some way, even if its with the Buy More plots, then you are not human and I must ask you to leave Earth immediately.

There are other reasons, too numerous to mention, but that is my top ten reasons why you should watch Chuck. There is some way the show will have you hooked, whether it is in the writing, music, or otherwise. Please pick up the series and watch the finale next Monday at 8 eastern/7 central on you local NBC station.

Tomorrow I will divulge on my analysis on the show's chances of renewal. Until then.

The Allengator
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