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Chuck Vs. The Colonel Review

This is an extremely hard review to do, especially if you are not familiar with Chuck, but I will do what I can to make it not-confusing.

Chuck and Sarah are playing "treason", the fun game where you run away from the government. They are searching for Chuck's dad, recently taken by Fulcrum. They end up in a hotel room where they almost do it, if it wern't for Morgan stealing Chuck's emergency wallet condom. Meanwhile Casey gets promoted to "colonel" (he is the "The Colonel" in the title), and hunts them down after being caught by Awesome. Awesome sees Casey going through Chuck's stuff and gets a weird vibe. Man, for a colonel, Casey sure is sloppy!

Casey triangulates a signal or something and finds Sarah and Chuck totally not doing it. After some arguments and whatnot, they get caught and are sent back to Orange Orange to sit in the same room. Let me repeat that. THEY SIT IN THE SAME ROOM. Now I am not expert, but shouldn't they have separate cells or something?

At the Buy More, Morgan is being dissed by everyone and finally becomes Emmet's lap dog (or @$$-man, short for, you guessed it, assistant manager. work nickname?). Several incidents later, he is told to fire his friends, who then knock out the power grid. Awesome shows up at the Buy More inquiring about Chuck, then Casey. Jeffster! shows Awesome Casey's work locker with a Chuck composition notebook, chloroform, and a huge key chain. Wow. Casey sure is sloppy!

Awesome goes to Casey's to talk things out, and that is when the power goes out for most of the greater Burbank area. He is jail celled in and Casey goes in there, giving me the vibe that he's in it to kill it. The power goes out at Orange Orange and Chuck and Sarah go to rescue Awesome.

Awesome starts to go through Casey's apartment and finds weird stuff, including too many Ronald Regan busts. Casey busts through the door and prepares to shoot Awesome. Sarah knocks Casey cold and Chuck fesses up about being a spy. Awesome loves it, and that brings me to the Awesome quote of the night. "Devon, I need you to be awesome. Can you be awesome?" - Chuck. Awesome goes and tries to act cool, but looks more frosted than cool.

Sarah and Chuck goes after his father again and Casey soon follows suit. He roundabout says that he wants to help and they save Chuck's Dad's life. Quantum Leap! Anyways, Chuck ends up trying to sabotage Fulcrum's plan to create a super army of people by having them get intersected, just like Chuck. Chuck tried to prevent this, but Chevy Chase comes in, berates Chuck, captures the rest, and berates them too. Chevy Chase is awesome evil.

Meanwhile, at Buymoria, Morgan is tired of being Emmet's stooge, starts saying some final sounding stuff to people, grows a pair, and tells Emmet to take his job and shove it. This would have been pretty dramatic if Morgan had just not taken of his shirt.....or wore his pants over his boxers.

Chuck's Dad tells him to look at the intersect pictures. He finally gives up and looks. It ends up the intersect 2.0 is actually sucking the intersect OUT of Chuck's brain. Wow. He can no longer flash. They end up overpowering Chevy Chase's guards and they get bombed by an air strike, with the gang + Chuck's Dad + the intersect 2.0 in the Crown Vic.

The General tells them that the "human intersect" project is now over (as well as vanquishment of Fulcrum) and they are going to go their separate ways. It is rehearsal dinner time for Elle and Awesome's wedding, and Chuck shows up with his dad just in time. He invites Casey, and at first it looks like he just slams the door in Chuck's face, but takes up his offer by wearing a tux. Awwww! This just seems like a perfect spot to put a season finale, with everyone happy.

Except for an ominous thumb sticking out. A hitchhiker gets picked up by a trucker. He wants to go to Burbank to get to a wedding. Its Chevy Chase, who somehow survived the air strike. If the trucker knew that he picked up Chevy Chase, he should be asking for money upfront.

All in all, this episode was just freakin' awesome! This will definitely be in my top 3 favorite episodes of the show. I couldn't believe they packed so much into one hour! What will Chuck do now that the Intersect, as well as eventually Sarah and Casey leaving? What is next for Morgan? Will Awesome be able to keep his yap shut?

Next week is the finale where we are "going to want to burn our living rooms down", according to producers. If this is the series finale, I will be extremely disappointed.
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