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Some Ways to Join the Chuck Effort
Ice King, Adventure Time
Sorry, but today has been kind of hectic as far as schedules go, but I will hopefully have a review of last night's Chuck episode on here tomorrow. I just wanted to bring your attention to a couple of things pertaining to helping out Chuck's chances of renewal.

1) Visit www.chuck.tv and join in the writings, emailings, and other nonviolent ways to get NBC's attention to renew this show. THey have a ton of great ideas on there.

2) Go and vote at E-Online which may help out some, as it is an entire channel about TV shows, and they do get some attention from network execs.

3) Watch/DVR/TiVo/Buy From ITunes/Amazon Unbox the season or episodes. You would be surprised how much networks value download sales.

4) Visit the site/forums at the official NBC site and participate.

5) Sign one of many petitions listed here.

These things may seem small, but together we can make an impact.

Also, ratings update #1, Chuck was only 300K fewer viewers in the coveted 18-49 demographic last night than Heroes...freakin' Heroes, the once untouchable juggernaut.

Join me tomorrow for more goodness.

The Allengator