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Why am I so Rude?
Ice King, Adventure Time
I just have this feeling that I come off to people as rude. You know, my sister has told me this several times, but I usually think these are little fits so she can feel superior to me. Her way of feeling more important to me. Anyways, I just think that maybe I am actually rude. Take today for example. I have gotten along with this guy that works in the back. The other day he bought some cheese, and I asked him why he got it wrapped up and discounted. He said we did not carry it. So, me being myself (I Know no one better), I just kinda joking around with him, saying he was lying about the cheese saying we actually did have some in stock, but he just wanted cheap stuffs. Anyways, he knew I was just kidding around, honest. He came up to me today, I just said hey, and he said he wasn't in the mood to talk with me today. I asked him whats wrong, and he told me that I irked him, because I "called him a liar" in front of the customers. I asked him if he knew I was joking, and he said he knew I was, because its me. He said he wasn't so sure about the customers, because they might think he was actually a liar. I said that people shouldve figured out I was only kidding around. He said he wasn't so sure. I quickly apologized to him, and told him to just tell me to shut up next time. He said something after that, but after three attempts, I couldn't figure out what he was saying. Anyways, do people really see me that way? I mean yeah I can be sarcastic, and snarky, but am I rude. I mean he didn't say rude, but I think it was implied. I asked him if there was anything I could do to make it up and he said no. I mean this is similar to an incident years ago which I do not want to get into detail for now, but I thought I learned my lesson. Yeah, people like my mom and certain girlfriends think so, but I wonder. I really don't mean to come off like this to other people, really. know I've done this song and dance before, but I just want everyone to know (ok, maybe exception to certain people) that if you're my friend, I may mess with you, but if I didn't, you'd better worry. I'm sorry if I offend anybody (again, exceptions) and I ask for your forgiveness. If you think I'm a bad person, well, I'm sorry, and I'll do anything to change it. I know I can't make everyone happy, but to my friends, I want to keep all of you. Should I stop being this sarcastic and be more calm and bland? I ask myself that a lot. I don't know. I'm starting to think that maybe I should. Sigh. Sometimes I hate life, but hey, life happens.

Or maybe that guy is just overly sensitive.

The Allengator

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Allen, honey, I really don't think that you're rude. I mean, being rude is a very over-all term. Honestly, everyone has those rude days, or moments, I know, because I have a lot of them. But to call someone rude is for and over-all like term, and it does not apply to you. When you have rude moments, we just kick you and tell you you're stupid! (ok, just kidding!) We all love you no matter what, and like I said, you're not rude! Trust me!! love you lots!!
~Erin Michelle

Well, maybe not COMPLETELY rude, but I still feel horrible when I do somethign like that. I'm just saying I don't feel like I'm making people mad, but I am. Call it rude, call it being stupid. I just feel horrible that I do come off that way sometimes, even if its just monthly or annual or something. I just feel like a terrible person.

The Allengator

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