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'Gator? I hardly knew her!

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Coming All This Week to a This Blog Near You
Ice King, Adventure Time
Before I start, just wanted to apologize to people for not updating this much the last couple of weeks (It said I hadn't written in here in four days. You must know this isn't normal). Work has upped the hours, the class I am taking is ruling my life, and I spent my free time catching up on shows and just doing some thinking. All in all, it has left me with no time to be on here, and next week is going to be more hectic, but its cool because this week is going to be a special week on here.

This week I will (unforeseen disasters pending) update on a daily basis on one of my favorite shows that is on the cancellation bubble. I just want to join the fandom and do something before the final episode gets aired that will hopefully not be a series finale. I am of course talking about Chuck, and this week of blogging will be about all sorts of things Chuck. Look forward to media, lists, this blogger's opinion, other things going on, what you can do, and much much more! This will start with tomorrow's Mega Media Monday and will continue until next Saturday. Join me in a week I think, but will not officially dub, "Good Luck, Chuck" week, this week, this station, and probably be maybe awesome.

Until then, look forward to it!

The Allengator