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Mega Media Monday 3.23.09 (Sega Genesis Commercial Edition)
Ice King, Adventure Time
Welcome to part 3 of the video game commercial series, and this week we are looking at the main competition for Nintendo during the "bit wars", which is the Sega Genesis. Now I never got a Genesis until a generation or two after it vanished, but I remember being bombarded by commercials on Saturday mornings with loud, fast, punk-type commercials. Now this week we are also going to look at something, which is the marketing teams slow, but sure decent into madness. Seriously. They get more raised eyebrows as time goes on. Let's check it out past the break!

Blast Processing!

This shows the trend most Sega vs. Nintendo ads took, which is blatantly shaming the Super NES for being "inferior" to the Genesis in every way. At least the race car/hillbilly analogy makes sense here.

Genesis and Sonic

Ha! Its funny because she's an old hag who doesn't get cool people! Again, you can see them comparing themselves with Nintendo (Sonic Vs. Mario)

Sega Fanboys

Here is where I start to sense some weirdness with Sega's commercials. Again, its them vs. the Nintendon'ts, but those boys look like that they are not only scripted, but in some sort of cult. The Sega Cult. May the Blast Processor bless you!

Sonic 3

This is my personal favorite Sonic game out of the Genesis era, but man, this commercial confuses me. I mean was Sega planning to bomb all the stores or something? And what is that kid doing in there? How can someone survive such a blast? These are questions no one is answering.

Sega CD

Now the last two are add-ons for the system, and this is for the Sega CD, which pioneered cd-based video game systems. If you watched the AVGN video on it, then you know about its many flaws. My main complaint would be that most of the Sega CD library were games that were also (and superior) on PC.

Sega 32x

This is probably the most disturbing and most sexual commercial aimed at kids that I have ever seen (ok, fine, the Zelda guy is the most disturbing, but far from sexy). How could this ad have aired on TV? Also, the commercial does nothing to explain how the 32x was better than the Genesis by itself, which is probably why it failed like a monkey on a pogo stick, except the latter would actually be entertaining to experience. This is the FAIL pick of this week.

That is it for this week. We wrap things up next week with the video game commercials then go back to the old format. All I can say is that next week will take you back....to the future....Ok, there may be no Michael J. Fox, but the commercials will be awesome.

As always, comment below, above, silently, loudly, or privately, and I will go all grammar Nazi on it. If you have any suggestions for videos or themes I can do, sound them out, and I will get to them as soon as I can. I always welcome what little input I get, and I appreciate the support you guys give me, even if all you do is view them. Until next week, happy watching!

The Allengator