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'Gator? I hardly knew her!

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Mega Media Monday 3.16.09 (NES Commercial Edition)
Ice King, Adventure Time
Yes, you've read it right. This week's entry is all about the old NES commercials, and if you thought the Atari ones were odd, then you've seen nothing yet. Just hit the break link and prepare to be stunified.

This blog nor Mega Media Monday takes no responsibilities in the actual case that you are stunified. I was just totally making that up.

Original NES Commercial

Freaky NES Commercial

Zelda II Commercial

Wait? Is that Fabio? Oh, never mind. My mistake. It's Michael from "Lost". WAAAAAAAAALT! WAAAAAAAAAAALT! ZEEEEEELDA! ZEEEEEEEEELDA!!!

Zelda Rap

This is a very classic, yet cheesy commercial advertising for the original Legend of Zelda. Whoa. Intense.

Creepy Zelda Dude

If this doesn't give you nightmares, nothing will. This guy is seriously creepy. What was the marketing team THINKING, or better yet, smoking when they came up with this? To quote some guy from Youtube, "I think I know why he hasn't found Zelda, and I don't think Ganon's involved...".

Kirby Doesn't Look Like Kirby....

Join me next week as we take a blast to the past. Ideas are very VERY much welcome.

The Allengator