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Mega Media Monday 3.9.08 (Atari Commercials Edition)

Today's Mega Media Monday kickstarts a new multi-part series on here, and I really hope you enjoy it.

Commercials are nothing new to Americans as we have to deal with roughly 6 minutes of commercials per 30 minutes of television. Some commercials are gold, like the ones seen during the Super Bowl, and so much. '80's commercials mostly fall under the latter category.

The early 80's brought us one of the most revolutionary devices in electronic and entertainment history: the Atari home computer entertainment system, or the 2600 for short. In all its majesty, and classic/awesome games, it surged as the most popular game system in its time. One thing I can say about Atari, though....they couldn't make a good commercial if their lives depended on it. This is where Mega Media Monday steps in and shows you what I mean!

Pong: Please come back home.

This commercial is just weird, as I can't make out most of it, but would there really be an arcade in an old west area? Just asking.



Little did they know the terror and crashes that would come from this particular game. E.T., I blame you for part of the infamous video game crash of 1983! I have to link this video since it won't let me embed. BOO!

Solar Fox

Yes, even in space there is a lot of popcorn.....wait, WHAT?


This gets the mighty WTF (what the fruitloop?) award for this edition. Seriously....this video is more random than any freakin' unicorns are.

Dig Dug

Dig Dug, how I love you, but I don't ever think I would be caught alive doing "the Dig Dug" dance. I mean that would just BE PLAIN ZONKERS!!!!

Next week we will continue this theme and look at some more classic commercials from ears gone past. I will give you a hint, it is probably more popular than the Atari, but probably not the best selling game console of the 80's. Any guesses? C'mon, it seriously isn't THAT hard to figure out!

As always, submissions are wonderful and requests are splendorous, so please please send some in. It will make me one happy monkey (plus, if you send me a monkey, then consider yourself sainted). Until next week.


Happy watching!

The Allengator
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