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Mega Media Monday 2.23.09 ($10 Bets Edition)

This week things are a little low-key on Mega Media Monday because of real world obligations and whatnot, so please excuse the non-typiness.

Ed was a tv show on NBC (the awexomest NBC show that is totally not on DVD yet, and I've signed petitions several times. Don't get me started on that...) from 2000-2004. It was the one about the bowling alley lawyer. He was a lawyer who owns a bowling alley. Two separate things.

Anyways, there were several running gags in the show, and one of them that appeared most often was the $10 bets, where Ed and Mike bet $10 to do something embarrassing or idiotic, but its always comic gold. Below are 5 of the exploits of two guys. Enjoy!


"I'm a cowboy!!!"


Song A55


This one deserves to be last because it isn't a true "$10 bet", but there is some spoofing. Wait for the end. Its great!

That is it for this week. Please send in some ideas I can use for Mega Media Monday. I will consider each and every one I get. Seriously! Until next Monday, Happy Watching!

The Allengator
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