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'Gator? I hardly knew her!

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A New Angry Bob!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!
Ice King, Adventure Time
Another Angry Bob....Finally!!!!

The Adventures of Angry Bob

Angry Bob was angry. "I will go to a children's soccer game," said Bob, "Childhood sports make people happy."

So Angry Bob went to a game. He stood with the parents of a team called "The Strikers". The Strikers were losing. The parents were angry. They yelled. One swore.

So Angry Bob stood in front of them. "Rejoice," he said, raising his arms in celebration, "for the goal of childhood sport is not victory, but rather, the inculcation of values such as teamwork, fair play and the struggle to do one's best."

A Gatorade bottle struck Bob in the head.

Falling, Bob saw a horde of angry soccer moms descend upon his fragile bean. "You Strikers," he said with his last breath, "are aptly named."

Moral: Hell hath no fury like a losing soccer mom.

The Allengator