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Mega Media Monday 02.16.09 (Meat Loaf Edition?)
Ice King, Adventure Time
Before you laugh at me, this is a request from a friend and I am merely just posting the videos. Just because I post them doesn't mean I endorse them 100% of the time. This week's will be a little different because I don't have a lot to say about them.

Ok, when it comes to music, I have certain tastes, and sometimes a group or singer will totally grow on me or will totally just leave me in the dust. One of the two definitely happened with Meat Loaf.

Now, I had no idea what to think of a group named "Meat Loaf", but I was kinda surprised that it wasn't in fact a group, but a dingle guy....a white, non-rat pack guy at that (the lone exception being Billy Joel).

Ok, so I concede that Meat Loaf is just a guy, but what about the music. When it comes to me, its all about the music. I went onto Imeem and looked up "Meat Loaf" and found several playlists. I found the one that had the most songs on it and just listened as I did my project for my college 3D editing class. Wow. Just wow. The guy can sing!

I mean it. He can sing!..........and sing!............and.......still singing? I looked over the playlist again, and I found very few songs that were under 4 minutes long. Wow. Look at this one, for example:

I'd Do Anything for Love

Yeah. I mean I don't care if a song or two goes over 5 minutes. Heck, Led Zeppelin had several like that, and good ones at that. I enjoy the styles and whatnot of several Zeppelin songs. With Meat Loaf.....well.....the songs are long, I'll give him that.

Paradise by the Dashboard Light

So after experiencing his craft, I looked him up on Wikipedia, because Wikipedia knows everything. I found out he has a very long career, and sung a lot in the classic rock era, which I will give him points for. Classic rock is...well...classic, but that doesn't always translate to good, but I will give him credit for that. I will also credit him for using the world "Hell" a lot in his album names, and he isn't death metal. THAT takes stones. That being said, I have no clue why they are called "Bat out of Hell", much like I have no clue why Pink Floyd called one of his albums "Dark Side of the Moon". Some things I will never get.

I noticed that a lot of his songs seem to be love/power ballad-type songs. I personally never cared for those, which may be why I don't care for Meat Loaf (the food or the singer), but watching some music videos, I can tell he has a lot of soul he puts into it, and I can appreciate that. Some singers may sing a sad or mournful song and just perform it, but MEat Loaf tries to sell it. Many groups do not do that much anymore.

If God Could Talk

Unlike most popular rock stars, Meat Loaf has actually cheated death several times, including beating the Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome, of which I personally know someone going through right now. Honestly, that's all I have, so I guess I will end with the video that impressed me the most, which is from the cult classic movie, the Rocky Horror Picture Show:

Hot Patootie

Now here is the final word. Meat Loaf seems to be a popular personality and I know a lot of people loves his songs. I will say that his style seems consistent and that he actually seems to care about his craft, unlike most groups do nowdays. I do think that his limited style (mind you, this is from what I sampled across different albums) is a love it/not love it thing. Personally, I fall in the "not love it" thing. I won't say hate, because that term goes to country music, but I don't think I will ever spend another day looking through his music, or even a whole hour. It just doesn't personally appeal to me, but hey, maybe you found a new singer to follow, and if that's the case, then my job here is done.

Are you a Meat Loaf Lover or a Meat Loather? Have any more ideas on themes or videos I can use, sound off below!

Note: I am getting a bit burned out with music ones. I have about 5 or 6 of them in the works (a couple of requests), and I don't want this to be a "Music Media Monday" feature, so if you can come up with a non music-related idea, I'm all ears! Next week's won't be a music-centric one, but I'm open to anything else family friendly, really.

That is it for this week. Please join me next week for a brand new batch of videos. It'll be a fun time for all! Happy watching!

The Allengator

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Meat Loaf

I love Meat Loaf! His concerts are amazing and you would never forget, if you ever went to one. People either love or hate him, not much in between. Did you listen to Bat Out of Hell? (the song)


I don't remember for certain if I did or not, but when I feel brave, I will totally give it a try. I did listen to several songs from that album (or maybe it was II. It was well over a week ago) Thanks for the recommendation Marytea! Hope to hear from you again!

I ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY LOVE Meat Loaf!!!! Total Meat Loaf Lover here!!! Actually, you posted the short version of I'd Do Anything for Love, the other version is 12 minutes long! Most of his songs are kinda long, but I personally think they are awesome. By the way, Meat Loaf played Eddie the delivery boy in Rocky Horror Picture Show. Thanks for featuring Meat Loaf, sorry you didn't find any of his music you enjoy! :0)

I don't think I honestly have ever heard of a 12 minute song. To make this analogous:

You : Meat Loaf :: Me : Beatles, which it pretty neat, because if we liked the same thing, that'd be pretty boring :)

I like the Beatles too!!! But then again, there aren't too many groups out there that I don't like. Actually, I'd Do Anything is 11:58 to be technical. :P Yay Meat Loaf AND Beatles! :0)

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