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Open Diary Archive (JazzyTrombone's Diar-er, Journal) 2002 - Part 1

first entry this year - 1/2/2002

just wanting to wish eveyone a good new year.


just call me weird...or maybe its just him... - 1/2/2002

ok, im walking through a local grocery store with a friend who used to live in my town. long story short he moved to springfield. so there we are walking through the store, and guess what, there is this group of girls that scarred me. my friend tells me that they were over reacting because of him. it just makes me wonder. then again, maybe i shouldnt wonder. last time i did i had to go to the doctor for excessive headaches. needless to say that ive sworn off wondering untill i can get some drugs (perscription) into my system. then i might venture into the realms of the abyss. then after that i might have to go to the psychiatric ward.....ok, i know im exaggerating. ive got tomarrow to worry about, i think....nah. actually, ive got to cram for a final im having in a week. see ya.

Drugs are bad, hehe :::pops another pill::: hahahahaha [lil angel girl] 1/9/2002 10:00:10 PM

A thought - 1/9/2002

ok. im not making a metaphor, just a comparison.( LAUGH PEOPLE!!!!) say that a clown comes to town. he enjoys making people laugh. now i mean he is funny because of his jokes. now this clown becomes quiet and people want to laugh. now the clown has ran out of.....props. does that mean he should retire from clowning? maybe there will be a haiatus strike, but he will come back. the clown needs a break people, SO GIVE HIM A BREAK!!!!!! AM I THE ONLY ONE HERE THAT UNDERSTANDS CLOWNS????? i guess so. all comparrisoning aside, i have a point here...............................
umm.........i think i have a point.................
ok, i dont. i just wanted to waste a couple of minutes of youre life (j/k)

no matter what......KRISPY KREMES RULEZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

your pal

I know how you feel, It is like being a smart person, you have a rep, and then you break that, and people are like OMG, and then you're like, I never even wanted the rep. Anyway, you know what I'm talking about. I don't understand clowns, I guess. [fairerin21] 3/24/2004 11:15:10 AM

the pressure - 1/9/2002

this time of year, we usually get our seats in band. this year, there is a trombone who is waiting to the last minute. everyone (except me and a few others) in our section is pressuring him to take it. now this dude is a senior, and he knows more vulnerable parts of the body than i know of counting. (lets

anywho, he says he wont take his test till everyone quits pressuring him. all i can say is that if hes going to do it, he better do it soon because he only has 2 days left. if i was in his shoes, i would ignore everyone and would complain about something else like work all the time....(hey, wait a sec.....)

thats all i have to say. see ya


well, all that ends - 1/13/2002

i just finished my finals this week and boy am i glad its over. ive had a long week of studying and stuff. on top of all of that i had two basket ball games to play at, andi also had jazz band monday night. sometimes i think im involved in too many activities. i had to skip practices for academic team this week. so i have to make it to the practices next week. yp, boy am i glad its over. now im just going to be pilled up with homework. well, i better go. maybe i will update wednesday, or so.....maybe a month......who am i kidding, of course it will be sooner than that (i hope)

nice entry [shiny95] 1/13/2002 11:00:07 PM

the agony of victory-part 1 - 1/15/2002

well, i just got put in a situation. i have learned some information that puts me on the spot. i set a goal for myself, and i planned on achieving it. only i was an overachiever. by surprize, i excelled my expectations. there is only one problem, it comes at someones expense. another thing is that it feels hollow. i think those are the worst kind of victories. who knows, maybe im blowing this out of proportion. maybe there is a way around it, and it wont hurt anyone. i dont mean to hurt anyone. i know youre thinking. what am i referring to. well, ill tell you next time. maybe tomarrow.


the agony of victory-part 2 (+c) - 1/16/2002

well, its been an interesting day. i really cant and wont say that i actually achieved anything yesterday, andas i reread my message, it sounded a bit cocky to me. so i guess that i should apologize. so anyway, back to my story.

i have a really good friend. she always has been there for me and i appreciate it. even though were barely family, we still are slightly related (like third cousins or so) well, i have been meditating over stuff lately. ever since yesterdays, um, unsuspected surprize, i have been tihnking. she really loves to play the trombone (you know what they say about great minds...they play alike. ^_^ no, im not trying to brown nose or anything like that) i have never seen anyone with so much dedication to music. ive heard about how she practices, ive heard her play wonderfully in our jazz band, and she likes to dedicate her time to it. that is pretty much myself, with only one change...its pretty much opposite. thats why i feel like im not very worthy of my posistion in band. i think she deserves more recognition than ill ever get in my lifetime. if i had to choose an empress, itd be her.(im still not brown nosing, honest!) so thats all im going to say about this. and another thing comes to mind. down along the road, the near future, im going to try my best to follow in her trombone footsteps, so basically, i can say that SHE is my role model.



Well, thins turned out better than I thought.  She still sat second, which I had no problem with, because I really did admire her.  Who knew that years later I would be doing her a favor by filling in for her in the college pep band.  Thanks for everything.  Oh yeah, japanese face time ^_^*  ~-^....doens't look as good in small text though...


trust time - 1/16/2002

i already know who i am oging to choose the minute i read this weeks theme. when i read it i bopped myself on my head and i said to myself, "boy, the half of my brain that is working is telling me to write about that person i trust" ok. if i had to choose one person i could trust, it would be no contest. hands down, i would say that ginger, my cousin, is the person i trust the most.

i really dont know when i started trusting her, but i did. i feel that she is a very trustworthy person because of her sensitive nature. in fact, i based my emglish final on that subject (i knew right off the bat who it was about, and what aspect i was going to talk about. and i got an A.) on that very thought. im so glad that i have at least one person i can trust. if i didnt have anyone, i would probably be going bonkers by now. i owe a lot to her because of that.


p.s.i have a biology test tomorrow that i'm going to fail..... but you didn't care to know that [Call Me... -CRAZY-] 1/16/2002 10:43:37 PM
This Ginger girl sounds pretty nice. If i had a nickle for every person like her well......i'd be broke for sure
[tromboneLover] 1/23/2002 11:34:50 PM

weird mysteries - 1/19/2002

this is your host for TTE's weird mysteries. here is your very weird and mysterious host now...TTE!!!!!!

I come in with a trenchcoat on.

My name is none of your business. im here to talk about a totally screwed up love triangle. it involves one guy, two girls, and a lot of weirdness goin on.

I recently talked to the man that is totally screwed up. i think one reason is because of his instrument (jk) anyway, he is a junior. this is not the problem. its his freshman girlfriends that cause this pandemonium in the first place. its not their grades they are in, im just saying im not the guy, i just know him.

(ill continue next time)

Hmm...Thats quite...uh...confusing?
I live in a small town in Missouri to..Cool, eh? I thought so anyway.Alrighty then, Take care.
~Rachel [Just~Imagine] 1/27/2002 7:51:58 PM

still in my trenchcoat - 1/29/2002

ok, now its time that i tell the tale. it all started around christmas. the guy and a freshman girl was goin out. theyve been goin out since school started this year to my knowledge. well i talked with the guy in my algebra 2 class. he seemed to be in a delimma. he said he had to write two notes. one was an apology to his girlfriend. according to him, they got in an argument over breaking up. as usual i was utterly confused, so i asked how this hullaballou started. well, this is where the other freshman comes into play. his girlfriend wanted him to break up and wanted him to ask out the other freshman...somehow i dont believe him. however, the two freshman are good friends, so it could be possible. ok, this concludes this entry of weird mysteries, i hope you join me next time when i introduce the plot of the mouse, and the snake.....whatever.

*note* ok, i know it sounds like im gossiping, so thats why i am keeping the names secret, but if you go to my highschool, you might know who im talking about. i just rarely talk about love, so i thought that this would add more insane hijinx into my journal.


a subject i tend to rarely talk about - 1/29/2002

i almost complain about everything. school, life, myself, and just everything else that is crazy. well, i hardly ever talk about love. that word is kinda strong, how about i use a relationship-closer-than-friend....ok ill just say that 4 letter word. i know it sounds like i hate love, but i really dont. one of these days ill find a girl. Now more than likely i would go on about what i like in a girl, but i wont say much. i just hope that one day i can find one. right now im just dreaming. my idea of a perfect person is someone who isnt self-centered, who really doesnt care about body image, who doesnt do drugs, in my age range.....wait a sec....its starting to sound like an ad....i really didnt attend to do that. what i want is a tall order, and would be very hard to find, and i may never find her. anytime soon anyway. for now ill just be single and i will enjoy the comedy of watching other couples. sometimes they actmore dense than me n_n*

I may not fit all of them, but I think I might be close. Maybe not the age range......... you know who this is. :)
[fairerin21] 3/24/2004 11:23:46 AM

I'm sick of this... - 2/10/2002

heh heh, please pardon the title, it may be a tad bit misleading. A lot has happened sice i have typed on here. the big thing for me was that i was really sick a few days ago (physically, not mentally) and i had to miss school, which is rare for me. now im doing a lot better, and am ready to take on my next challenge....

yesterday i bought 3 cd's with 70's songs on them. It has a lot of great songs on it. It has "joy to the world", by three dog night, "A horse with no name", "I think i love you", "spirit in the sky", "treat her like a lady", and a lot of other great song. I really like late 60's, early 70's songs. If i ever get a cd burner for my pc, im going to get some songs and put them on a cd. in the meantime, im listening to them while i type. Right now im listening to one of our jazz band's songs, "brass machine" its great.

peace and grooviness be with you all
the trombone emperor

dude, do you like other oldies too? [kewpie7704] 2/12/2002 6:53:58 PM
yeah, he does like oldies. I know [fairerin21] 3/24/2004 11:25:40 AM

my next big project - 2/10/2002

last time i reffered to a big project which i am trying to accomplish. my last one was seeing if i had any self worth, which i have some, but this time i am setting a new goal is to accomplish my new years resolution. i know im a procrastinator, but ive been sick. its not a usual resolution type that i tackle. last year i was trying to accomplish being less self centered and more selfless. this year is a more selfish, but its something that i really want to do. ever since i was in Jr. high, ive wanted someone to relate to...someone that could admire me, as i did them. yep, i wanted a girlfriend. this year i said i would find me someone before the year is out. right now i havent the foggiest clue about what i want. I really dont know very many girls that i could/would date. so i am trying to get to know some people and seeing if they are someone i would enjoy being around. so the end.

ugh! procrastination!!!! i have SUCH problems with that lol. as we speak, i'm putting off reading a book and doing math homework.. and its sunday night! :o( lol. oh well. good luck finding a girl!! i know you can, just put yourself out there and let 'em know you're available.. but don't look desperate :o) if you want to know anything i'm a girl so no one knows girls better than one herself :o) [<3 <3 <3] 2/10/2002 10:55:05 PM
oh yeah.. and when's your bday?, (full). [kewpie7704] 2/12/2002 6:57:32 PM

you-know-what is tomarrow - 2/13/2002

tomarrow is v-day. personally i think that this holiday is highly overated, well, in most ways. i really like the candy. that means i will most likely be in a sugar rush tomarrow, but im not complaining. boy, im going to be busy. saturday i have to go to branson to help my sister with her tennis class. then i have an academic competition to attend, if i feel like it, then i have a jazz festival, then i have disrict solo and ensembles. i also have to write a few papers, and i will most likely have daily homework. so im going to be a busy little sophomore. after all of that is over, i should finally have my birthday, then finally will get a chance to get a license. whew. so have a wonderful abnormal-day-out-of-365-days-in-a-year day. (thats a mouthful)

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- world history????? - 2/19/2002

my world history teacher can sometimes be a thorn in my side. pardon me, but i just have to say that. she is a real stickler about english and grammar. every time i write an essay or paper for her class, i never get a good score because "i don't write proper english that is good enough for her" (sarcasm) i know that i originate in an area that can't tell a subject from a predicate, or a preposition from a pronoun, but i think this perfection has come on too fast. a person can have a great paper that anyone can understand, but they would get a C on it because they didnt have a good subject that did not agree with the statement two sentences ago. If i would have known that she would grade papers and essays like that before, i would have never taken up the honors program. i know she means well, but i think that this type of grading scale is so different and new to our class, as a whole, that it takes us more time to adapt to. it really irks me when i am introduced to something new, and am expected to master it overnight. it is kind of like playing a solo for band. you need practice.


its an inside joke - 2/19/2002

i heard a funny story about one of my friends today. i know it sounds mean, but if you were in my shoes it would be a hoot. he got sick today, and i think i know why. he told me a secret, which is pretty stupid, human wise. i mean anyone would have known what he did was unsanitary, but he didnt heed my warning and guidance. so i bet he is sick because of his habit. if he isnt sick because of that......well......thats different, but its easy to blame his actions. ^_^

well, anyhoo, i am still here............
ok, now that ive wasted 7 seconds on those periods, i can ramble about my day.......

sorry, i guess if i had a sign, it would be one of three things
1) CAUTION!!!!
2) DIP

lol, have a nice day


nothin much - 3/4/2002

in order to keep my journal on the net, i should update this thing. not much has happened, so this is kinda boring. excuse me, i have to count how toes i have... i think this is what people call boredom.


look ma, four wheels - 3/14/2002

well, i finally got a car, not that i can drive or anything. im not even old enough to get a drivers license. lol. well, when i do get my license (technically called intermediate permit) i am goin to have a night out to myself....then again, i might have a few friends with me to watch a movie. oh well, i guess something interesting has finally happened.

about a week from now i have to go to district for solos/ensemnbles. i am in one trombone trio, one boys vocal octet, and i have a trombone solo. so far my vocal group cant tell an a flat from a f sharp, and they goof off too much. i know that group wont go to state. i guess the trio is ok, but we hardly ever practice. so im kind of worried about that, and my solo is ok, but not good. its a three-movement solo. the first and second movements are ok but the third one is a killer. i really want to go to state, but i dont think that it will happen again this year. maybe i can find a corner and hide after the day is through, or maybe i will collapse and have one of my emotional spurts....speaking of which.....well. i guess i will get to that next time.

this is for all of the small musical emperors out there...


heart of hearing - 3/22/2002

the last few weeks iv'e been pondering about something. when someone says, "i love you with all my heart" or "follow your heart" what do they mean? the way i see it is that the heart is some sort of brain and emotional form of communication. iv'e always felt that the brain controls all of your feelings and morals. the pumps and sustains life, thats all. so why do people say these things. so i have come to two conclusions. one is that i am unemotional because i dont believe in the heart as a feeling substance, or two, that everyone else has figured out something that i have not figured out. this means that i am left out again. oh well. i just wish i could find some sort of answer.


pass this thought along - 3/22/2002

my band director was having brass choir yesterday. then he started to give all of us some food for thought. he said that everyone in there was important to the group, and that no one else is above anyone else. also no one owns the group except him (someone in there must have said that it was their band instead of our teachers band) he also told us that we should not put other people down, or lower their values. then he mentioned that people were pointing fingers at each other. he said that we should think about ourselves before we say what they did wrong. you should ask yourself "what could i have done to avoid this." befor you go and blame someone for it. then after the speach was over, he told us that sometimes that he lectures his own children like this. then he told us that every night, he said he loved them. so needless to say, no one was smiling. so he said smile.

i wish some people would have this serving of humble pie every day. after that, i had realized that i should listen to this advice once in a while, because i have not been doing it. so for 5 seconds, everyone in that room was respectful towards each other. those five seconds have been the 5 best seconds i had recieved in a long time.

to whoever is reading this, i hope you pass these things along with you. i wholeheartedly agree with the previous statements i heard. and after that day, i respected our band director more.

to EVERYONE, pass this along



i made a funny! (criket criket) - 3/22/2002

ok, i think i will dedicate this spot for some funny things i have read, heard etc.

guy 1: why are you dressed up nice for school
guy 2: i went to my cats funeral.
guy 1: your cats funeral HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!
guy 2: actually you and my cat did have something in common
guy 1: what?
guy 2: you both think you are human

mother: how was school today
boy: you was school-ish

father: i have gotten several complaints about your behavior. iv'e gotten so many complaints that i am suprized that you havent gone to prison yet
*his son stares at him*
father: i don't want to know
boy: the food isn't as bad as they say.

jon: meow
garfield: what?
jon: meow
garfield: ok, i'll bite. meow
jon: ive communicated with a lower life form
garfield: ive been doing that for years

choir teacher: ok, this is an african american spiritual song. you have been picking cotton for several years and you are finally free and you are going to jubilee when you die. interpret this into your song.
boys group: (singing) going up to the spirit in the sky...

teacher: this is bob playing his trombone solo
bob: bob is only my government name. my real name is russ t. shackleford. (i heard that name while i was flipping through channels one day)

go to for some funny stories.

continued next time

heh that was funny [Tenser Quicksilver] 3/22/2002 11:04:57 PM

music why have you foresaken me????? - 3/23/2002

well, i just came back from district solos/ensembles at smsu. needless to say, i am dissapointed. you see, i was sure that our trombone trio would go to state, but so far i have heard that we didn't get a good rating. i am pretty sure that it was my fault that our group did not do as well as we aspired to. i had some bad tunning problems in the song, and i didnt play a few measures. as far as that is concered, i feel like that our rating was my doing. then my next waterloo unfolded during my solo. the piano was kind of flat, so i had to tune to it. i couldnt reach the high note of my song, and most of the time i was out of tune with the piano. so therefore i did not get a good rating on that one either. the most shocking incident out of this (besides mastering the game 1945 at the arcade) was that the boys double quartet i was in did a really good job. in fact, our group is most likely going to state, which will partially make up for some of the incidents i made today.

ok, fine. i am no trombone emperor. i just thought that the title would sound cool next to the trombone king and queen. i am really just a loser who cam play kind of high. so i am not feeling boisterous at this time. so i guess this experiance lowered my moral as a trombone player, but all i can say is: its about time. i guess i kinda deserved it. well, i guess i will just wait untill my moment comes. untill that time, no one will fall short because of me. i'll work alone.....



am i dead???!!!??? - 4/17/2002

ok, poor choice of a title. I have been computer-less for about a week and a half. but it finally got repaired so i am back, much to manys dismay. ;) heh heh. well, i can finally update this once in a while. yep, i have a new schedule which gives me half the homework. so hopefully i can write again soon.

keep da peace



lets see here... - 4/22/2002

well, i have decided to update about nothing. sometimes nothing is a good thing, and sometimes it is downright horrible. well, thats my thought of the day.

well, now i am going to share a personal experiance i once had. one time, i saw a monkey....

well, now i will go on with the stock news..... ok. i am down 2.43 points leaving me at -2.43 shares.

well, music news. i have a concert tuesday (choir) and a jazz concert saturday. friday i am going up to columbia to sing in my group. wish me luck.

well, weather report. after four staight days of rain, the sun appears over the new ocean which i now see.

well,sports... ... .. ..... .. ....... ... . . . ..... . .. ...... . . . . .. ..... .... . .....thats it.

well, for our wrap up, i am going to show the sequel to watching paint dry, which is watching grass grow. sorry, we had to pre empt watching wind blow.

well, thats it. my wise saying is this. each of us has a child inside of us.....GROW UP!!!

well, this entry was time consuming and wasteless, which thus describes my past few days. next time i will be a bit more colorful. i hope.

well, i guess your bored now


p.s.:well, i just like too say this....i like cheese AND monkeys.

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