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Open Diary Archive (JazzyTrombone's Diar-er, Journal) - 2001

first off (+C) - 7/29/2001

everyone has a story. that is a concept that i think everyone qualifies for. for some people its a bittersweet memory, for others a comedy, and there are stories that cant be classified in one specific genre. i usually take the time to reflect on my stories and try to learn an important lesson. some lessons can be something like, "dont feed jello to a fish," or more dramatic like, "you dont know what you are missing till its gone." anyway these entries are going to have some bizarre and touching stories in it.

as for myself....i play the trombone. i love playing and making music. i also enjoy simple things such as games, friends, and tv. ok. maybe i am a couch potato, but im proud of it. i dont have time to do anything during the school year. during the summer i catch up on stuff such as matlock. (i like that show) now i dont do this all summer. i also go out for walks and go to places like the library.

i hope you enjoy the realm of a trombone crazy, music lovin, mature yet immature, mostly abnormal, teenager.



This is where my adventure began on here.  Yes, while many of my entries were this size, I am proud of this journal.  I still hold to the belief that everyone has a story, I just dont emphasize it anymore because.....I just dont.  Interesting note, I got the "Jello fish" thing off of a poster at a doctor's office.  It came true though, this journal has some bizarre stories in it.  I still go for walks and stuff, just in a confined area.  I like my confined area.  I also enjopy my total lack of respect for proper grammar, spelling, and capitalization.  I still do every once in a while, when I am in a rush.  The first few entries I was just too lazy.  Normal sophmore teen, ya know?

I play the trombone too! And the drums, and the guitar and the electric bass, and the piano, and the flute. Music is great!
*MD~S* [Hi~FiKiller] 7/31/2001 12:18:46 PM
I play the tuba and trombone too! Love to talk to you sometime! [Brian's Baby] 9/24/2001 7:39:06 PM

later than usual (+C) - 8/4/2001

today there was an open house for the new high school they are building for the upcoming year. we probablly wouldnt have a nice new equipped high school if it wasnt for an elderly couple that made a generous contribution to our school system. recently one of them has died. we are even naming the gymnasium after them. the builders started the building around last winter and have been working on it to this day. the weather has not been helping them any. in the winter we had a couple of bad snowstorms. the summer has been really bad because of the severe heat and humidity. (imagine working on the rooftop!) dispite the drawbacks we are still scheduled to opened a couple of weeks later than usual. when i think of all the work and gifts brought to this school i think of commitment and endurance. i can only hope that the new high school will have as many stories as the old one. im very excited about opening day.

the old junior high is moving to the old high school. the junior high has been a school for well over 60 years. my father graduated from there. i can only hope it will still be up for more generations. there has been talk that it will be demolished later on. it will be a sad day if it comes to pass. then again it might remain standing for some time.


In case you were wondering, the old Jr. High is still standing.  It is now called the MAC (Marshfields activities center).  As for, I had just as many.  I remember when the world seemed half-way innocent....yeah.  Nowdays when I look at this, it sounds kind of wishy-washy to me. 


a phrase (+C) - 8/11/2001

recently ive been contemplating over a phrase i heard. the phrase is, "promises are cheap." promises are cheap because it doesnt cost anything. (unless someone is borrowing money from you ^-^) ok. maybe that was a little unpredictable, but hey, cant argue with me. ^-^ anywho, all joking aside, i think a promise is one of the most special things you can share with someone. if you make a promise that you will come home right after school, you better do it. you have to bear that obligation and make sure you do as you said. if a friend says that he wants you to check out a cool game that you have been dying to play, you have to tell him no, even if you cant go over for several weeks. sometimes you promise not to do something, such as, "dont surf the internet till i get home." ok. stay off. you think thats stupid and useless and you get on anyway. your mother tries to call to tell you that you need to pick up your little sibling from his friends house because she will be late at the office. she cant reach you because you are using the internet (unless you have two phone lines, but you get the message) and that was the only time she could reach you. you get off a little while later. around suppertime you get a call. it is your enraged mother, biting your head off, and tells you to pick your little sibling up. later you get grounded from the internet for a few weeks, just because of one hour. if you would of kept your promise you wouldnt be in this pickle now would you?

in conclusion i believe that a promise isnt cheap and that you put your solemn word that you will do or not do something. there are exceptions, of course. a quick example is that you promise to come home, but you have to retake a test that could greatly effect your grade and you were notified of it at the last minute. if you told someone to tell, or you directly tell yourself the person you made the promise with, most of the time it will turn out ok. here is the main point: if it is not sure thing you shouldnt promise it. the next best thing is to say you will do your best, but you will make no gauruntees. consider this next time you say, " i promise."

remember, this is just one mans opinion.


I read this, and I will say this.  I kept my end of the bargain, but promises have been broken to me many a time.  Oh well.  My new obsession is monkies, so...promises?  Eh, Not as touchy anymore.

You have to be careful -- some people may not hold promises on such a high platform and they may be fine with breaking promises so be careful about getting taken advantage of.
I just read all you diary entries and you seem pretty cool. Check out my diary sometime! [Sharebear] 8/12/2001 12:32:45 AM

what a week (+C) - 8/15/2001

i guess the theme to this entry is that hard work pays off. ive been practicing with our band. we are preparing for the marching season. yep. our band performs at most home football games. we play music while we march. (of course i play my faithful trombone) we have a week of marching. we do drills, and we prepare music. its a lot of hard work. a lot of people decide not to come that either dont care, or think they are too good for it. i think that there is always room for improvement. like i mentioned earlier its hard work. we provide a public service, and we entertain people while the football players are going over plays. its a lot of fun and in the long run there is one thing certain, it does end. i, personally, am not a fan of marching. but i enjoy everything else about it. just about everyone enjoys our shows, including ourselves.


Yeah, the theme of this entry should be, it has no theme.  I mean, looking back, I was still naieve at this stage.  Not saying I am not naieve nowdays, just not as much. 

Hey. My boyfriend plays the trombone too. I wish I could play an instrument, but I can't. I'm a loser... :) If u don't mind me asking, what part of MO are u from??
Take care, [mystic*penguin] 8/24/2001 8:41:05 PM

school is more challenging (+C) - 9/6/2001

i have started my sophmore year in high school. when i was little, i never had a problem passing a class. i got straight A's and i was bored. every year i learned the same stuff. it started to get a tiny bit tricky at the seventh grade level, but it was no sweat. finally i come to this year. i am taking the hardest math course, a hard science class, and to top it off a world history honors class.( yes im in band too :D) i have been swamped with homework. nothin hard, it just takes a long time to meet my teachers expectations. an example is that my science teacher makes us write notes, and questions out of the book. i have no problem, except the part that we never check it. how do i know if the answers are right? then exam time comes and i dont know if my answers would be correct. thats my only problem. most of my classes make you rely on your own judgement. sometimes, for me, its a little hard. all of my life i have been searching for a real i think i have found it. im not saying ill be bad at it, its just tougher.


Well, still a little too rose-colored for m taste, but thats ok.  My junior year was the hardest of high school.  College is even worse.  Not saying I don't study and such, its just impossible to get a good grade in some certain classes *coughetl231cough*.  I now hardly ever get homework checked, or it doesn't apply to the exams at all, and I have to take the exams.....yeah.  Fun stuff.


life in this school - 9/6/2001

recently i have hooked up with some old aquaintences. i have a friend who is a freshman, who has been my best friend since kindergarden. he was held back for some reason. we have two classes together (band and choir. yeah, im a choir nut too :)) and lunch. ive been thinking about some other friends. i have another friend who is a girl (not a girlfriend but a friend who is a girl. there IS a difference between the two to me.) and we havent seen each other all summer. we have three classes together. the last three hours of the day. so most of the time we are together. i somehow make her laugh with jokes i read. (such as...what do you get when you cross a pit bull with a collie? a dog that rips off your leg and runs for help.) i know a lot of jokes. they are not original though. i usually get them from Readers Digest. i really enjoy her company, but i have no plans on having a serious relationship. i know you all are slapping your heads, but i went through a similar experiance once and it wasnt pretty. i hardly know her personally. all i want to do is remain friends. friendship is so much important to me than just about anything else. im not one of those tough guys that go around, picking fights, i just walk around and mind my own business.

Your probley the most keep to himself person i know! [tromboneLover] 9/6/2001 10:58:20 PM

I've been wondering....... - 9/25/2001

Saturday, I was at Drury College to try out for the district choir. and somehow i made it.(i guess that $20 that i gave to the judge helped a little. j/k) we went out for lunch at this one italian restaraunt. we were talking about junk. then one of my friends said that she broke up with her two boyfriends because they didnt say that they loved her in front of her friends. then it struck me. that whole night i was thinking if i had a girlfriend, would i say that i loved her to my friends. i would say it. i think if you are truly committed to a relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend, you shouldnt be embarrassed to tell your friends. now i wouldnt announce it every time, but i would tell them once in a while. and i would hope that my girlfriend would do that once in a while when i get one.


one of my (few) flaws - 9/25/2001

ok, ok. im VERY modest. i actually have quite a few flaws, but im not complaining. as i stated in my last entry, i had tryouts for district choir at drury college. for some odd reason, i get nervous. why would i get nervous. these people wont kill me if i do bad. there is no one else in the room except for the judge. and i should only be shaking if im on a sugar high. well. for some odd reason i get really shakey, my voice has a LOT of vibrato, and i just have a nervous breakdown. i have been doing this stuff all my life, but it gets worse year by year. someone asks me if i want to try out for the fall musical. i tell them i get stage fright. i cant act like a fool, but i can act like one if i feel like it.

thats not a bad flaw... everyone gets nervous! [NoONEcanHoldmeDown] 9/25/2001 6:58:04 PM

a freaky dream - 9/25/2001

ok. this makes absolutely no sense, but i had a dream not too long ago. i dreamed my algebra 2 class was going to the empire state building, and we were going to build an elevator. after the elevator was built, some one was already uusing it. when it opened, it was my cat. she walked on her two back feet and talked. she told everyone embarrasing things about me. then she told me she was possesed by an alien virus that allowed her to talk. gee.........i guess i shouldnt eat ice cream and watch earnest scarred stupid before i go to bed......

I dont know a lot about dreams but i think this one means you will marry your cousin
[tromboneLover] 10/1/2001 8:27:54 PM

i know, i know.... - 11/7/2001

ok. i havent written in a while. its just that taking care of guppies takes up soooooo much time. (in fact, i have to write a paper about the poor little dears) i have had a lot of stuff happen to me recently. such as, ive been thinking about the measure of a friend. what a friend should be. i also have had several performances (both band and choir). and i have accomplished a major goal of mine. i will try to talk about all of these soon. i have just come back from a football game and im tired. imagine doing a dance, yes thats right, a DANCE in front of a lot of people. this is just not any dance. it is based on the movie dirty dancing (which is a pretty good movie from what ive heard. im going to see it some time) right now in my english class we are reading the adventures of hucleberry finn. its pretty good. a funny part is that huch basically says that he wants tom sawyer to go to the very very bad place with him (you know, ruled by satan) all because of a simple misunderstanding. my bio teacher has this duck. not just any duck, a plastic duck! we call him marsh. yesterday he disappeared and we were not allowed to go to the restroom till he was brought back because he is our hall pass. i guess its his way of keeping us from using the hall pass too often. i hope i dont end up on a day when he needs his duck pond. in fact my choir teacher got an idea from hearing this. she says that our new bathroom pass will be a toilet plunger.....well, there is only one thing i can say about this....the only good plunger is a plunger mute for your instrument.

thats all i have to say for now.


the trombone emperor lives! his first victory! - 11/17/2001

I, the trombone emperor, hve came, sawed, and conquered. ok, maybe im exaggerating a tad......i mean a little......i mean, uh, ok, a lot. its been about a year since i started my nickname as, "the trombone emperor" and people fear me ( or bow to me, i prefer either) anyway, about 2 weeks ago, i went to mountain grove to try out for the honor band. the year before i didnt make it, but that didnt taint my spirit (back then i was known as the freshman trombone. but i think emperor sounds more powerful. of course some people called me "hey you, with the trombone" -_-*) so i went in there and tried my best (even though i played e# minor instead of g) and i wasnt afraid. i was suprised when i saw my name posted up for the concert band. so i was in a pretty good mood ( heck, i almost acted like i was drunk.....) and the best part is that i made a good enough chair to try out for the state level! so its been a satisfing 2 weeks ( aside from my biology 1 slide test....ill never forget what a toad looks like....) so wish me luck. AND BOW TO MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! (gasp!)


the origin of my nickname.... - 11/17/2001

ok......some of you may wonder where i got my nickname from. well, you see, in our band we kinda have a trombone monarchy. we have a king, a queen, a prince, a whipping girl, and the village idiot. well, i feel that emperor is a more powerful title than king. an emperor controls the area he conquers, so i feel that ot jusifies my goal. ok. WARNING: EXTREME FREAKYNESS AHEAD. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by next year i hope to take over the trombone section (because heck, the king and queen are too good for me.) by the time the king and queen leave, my plan will be put into effect. i can take over because of my innocent reputation and then everyone will bow to me! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! (or kick dust in my face.)

so there. i know it explains little, but it explains why some of my entries are a little over powering (get it) but ill try to stay tame........keyword try....

That's pretty accurate. I have a lot of band and orchestra friends. They think like you a lot. I, well, I'm a soprano empress. Hehe. :) [AspiringEverything] 11/17/2001 3:48:57 PM
you're a megalomaniac, boy. take heed from the tenor sax anarchy of Rockville, IN. beware!
hehe. j/k [nailed] 11/17/2001 3:50:04 PM

my state saga - 12/2/2001

i have spent an interesting weekend at columbia. i was there to try out for state band. it was a lot of fun because i hung out with a lot of my friends. we spent the night at a hotel and we kept on bugging the other two rooms that the rest of people was in. and i had my first contact with cable tv. i was so amazed at how many shows there was. so i tried watching invasion of the body snatchers, but got too distracted to watch it. even though i didnt even make call backs at state, i was still happy and was honored to go. so im not really mad or anything. (ill just have to show off during chair placement so thats been my past two days in a nutshell. fun (with a twist of lemon)


Think about this....... - 12/7/2001

ive been contemplating over somethin recently. Its about a movie i really never cared to watch. you know, one of those christmas specials (ok. its called its a wonderful life, but anyways....) i only saw the last hour of it, but it gave me somethin to think about. imagine if you will, that you no longer existed. in fact, you never existed. how would the world around you change? ive been thinking about this. ive only came to one conclusion. i really cant think of anything being different. sure, people i know wouldnt know me, but i really dont see any changes. boy. ill think some more. ill find somethin. the night i dont have biology homework, ill sit and meditate on it. try it. youll be surprized at what you will think of.

hey you would too be missed. you make more of a difference than you realize hon. really you do. [tromboneLover] 12/11/2001 12:25:24 AM

me, the loner. - 12/7/2001

one thing anyone will notice about me is that i usually keep to myself (except when im high on caffine) and seperate myself from the crowd. im not much of a social person. when im forced to do something in a group (which i personnally hate nine times out of ten) i usually dont share my ideas with anyone else. in short, i am not a really good leader. usually leaders are respected (not that im not respected, just not respected by most people) so im usually at home most nights, either doing biology homework, or meditating about various aspects. because of this seperation, i really dont belong to a certain group. sure, people call me a band nerd, but i really dont feel like i fit in. ya know what i mean. at least i dont feel like i fit in. i really dont belong anywhere. sure i have friends, but how many friends actually understand some of the problems i face. some people ask whats wrong, but they dont understand. ya know what i mean. I listen to other peoples problems, I give them advice. you know what I get in return????? hardly anything. yep. im kinda the outcast at my school. so if you ever see a person that sounds like me, take some time and talk with them. they may not have anything wrong, but they would enjoy your company, im sure.

Im not really in a self pity state, im just saying, ya know, sometimes being lonly is more troubling than doing 10 pages of homework in biology (ok, ive been slamming biology, but our teacher gives us homework out of the wazzoo.) the person may be, well, not normal, but it is really comforting to know if someone actually understood you and took the time to know who you are really like.

You say these outcasts would enjoy my lovely company, but then why don't you seem to? [Enlightened Ignorant] 12/7/2001 10:45:08 PM
It's a good thing to try to listen to everyone, no matter who they are. The people who seem "strange" are often some of the best people you will ever know. You may not be respected as a leader, but I'm sure you're respected for other reasons. [Fallen Starr] 12/7/2001 10:48:32 PM

its the of the year - 12/15/2001

ok, maybe i was exagerating on that title a bit.....but only a little. when a person feels depressed, you never know that the world around you changes whether you like it or not, that is, if you notice it. i hardly knew christmas was here til about a week ago.....i thought it was just another month full of school and furthur depression. now that the holidays are here, i have to force myself to cheer up whether anyone, including me, doesnt want me toor not. personally, i think its a lame excuse to be merry, but you are not in my shoes, are you? well, if you were, you wouldnt care much about gifts and stuff. however i always keep in mind what christmas is celebrating and other stuff. besides that, christmas will come and go like any old day (only without school!!) and ill be meditating in my room just like.....well......hardly anyone else. see if i can stop from feeling such agony. who might be the best gift i can give to myself.


a side note pertaining to recent entries (+C) - 12/15/2001

ive bet youve noticed a bit of negativity or self depression in my recent enties. well, first off i am kind of in one of those slumps in my life where i wonder where i can no longer.....i wont get into it. but it doent look like it will be very sunny from here for a while so please bear with me. ill try to write positivley, but im positivley sure that wont happen. see what happens when youre positive? well anywho, just a warning. youll probably laugh but keep in mind, one mans laughter can sometimes be the burden of another.


Man, I have NO idea what was with me at the time.  That entry is dark.......BOY is it dark.........


the grass is always greener (or whiter) (+C) - 12/21/2001

boy, my past few days has been different. last night i went to a party. it was fun, you i cant really describe it differently. i guess that i have some friends, i just didnt realize it. so im feeling better. im still kinda thinking (in other words, im a tad serious and i actually concentrate on a philosophical aspect of my life) about what the future holds. right now its a big question mark. now when i say future, i mean a year from now, even though i really shouldnt worry about it. some of the coolest people i know are seniors and ill miss them a lot when they graduate. so when they leave the scene, what will happen. well, ive thought this out and i made a list.

1) the trombone section will not be very peppy next year. i should know. the only trombones in our pep band, except for me, are seniors. the other trombones seem to be serious.

2) there will probably be a huge division of groups. the seniors are king of like the glue that keeps all of us underclassmen together.

3) the only comedy relief is myself making a fool of myself in front of the band, choir, etc. (as well as some tuba comments)

so it should be interesting, thats all im gonna say. sometimes you want something to happen, but when it happens, you relize you dont want that to happen, but by then its too late to change what happened. well, let me give you an example. say you want someone you really hate to go away. you either will be playing happy days are here again every day for the rest of your life (boy wouldnt that be monotinous), or you wouldnt care, but it puts a hole in your life (of course thats rare). well, im all serioused- smart eleckied out. so im gonna stop this stop this entry right n ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Ok, the entry was SUPPOSED to end like that, its called COMEDY people.  Oh, and all 3 of my predictions came true, freaky, huh?  Ilook backat the last part and think......"What in the heck was I talking about?"  Maybe I was on Tylenol or still confuses me.


12 days of christmas...and other songs - 12/21/2001

on the twelth day of christmas (ill never understand when the twelth day actually is..)my teacher gave to me...

12 word problems
11 page paper
10 pencils broken
9 insane monkeys (dont ask)
8 multi variable equations
7 worksheets completed
6 chapters to read
5 essays
4 finals
3 french phrases
2 turtles to mate
and 1 big colossal headache!

hows this. a director directing a sleeping percusionist (percusionists are ok. please, i dont want egged nogs all over the house on christmas!)

jingle bells jingle bells
jingle bells jingle bells

a record player (theyre cool too!)

Joy to the world, *click* Joy to the world *click* Joy to the world *click*.......

here's a song thats for all year long at school...

Its the most wonderful time of the day
with the students all crazy, and all of them shouting
hip hip hooray
Its the most wonderful time of the day...

i enjoy christmas songs to an extent. so i guess i will put up a traditional song that i enjoy a lot. so i hope you will enjoy it. this years number one favorite christmas song on my list...actually, its more of a new years song, but its one of those songs you hear only this time of year. (kind of like halloween and monster mash..) Auld Lang Syne!

Should auld acquaintance be forgot
and never brought to mind
Should auld acquaintance be forgot
and days of auld lang syne
For auld lang syne my dear,
for auld lang syne,
we'll take a cup of kindness yet
for auld lang syne.

Merry Christmas and have a safe and happy new year! (if you go to a party, bring me some egg nog)


a fun game (not for the faint at sanity) - 12/22/2001

ok. i have created some puzzles for you to figure out. All of the answers pertain to christmas. ill give an example:
example: melody of a ding a ling (4 words, song)

answer: Carol of the bells

not all are in this format, but its basically the same thing. Some of these have homonums in it.

1) a set of cards + the + walkway of a house (3 words, song)

2) its a joyous time on earth (4 words, movie)

3) quiet + fighter for a kings castle (2 words, song)

4) a questioning song title about a baby (4 words, song)

5) peace and happiness to this planet (4 words, song)

6) chilly or very cold playmate named after what he was. ( 3 words, song/tv show)

7) the holiday tale. this is about a childs wish for a gun. (3 words, movie)

8) color of a holiday (2 words, MOVIE/song)

9) another possible answer for number 8 (2 words, song)

10) The Grizwalds holiday time off (4 words, movie)


1) Deck the Halls
2) It's a wonderful life
3) Silent Night
4) What child is this?
5) Joy to the world
6) Frosty the snowman
7) The christmas story (it could be, a christmas story. cant remember...)
8) White christmas
9) Blue Christmas
10) National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

its weird. i think i could invent my own code for this, but i think people would get confused.

have a safe and happy christmas and merry new year ( give my regards to the grinch)


wowies (just ramblin.....) - 12/24/2001

the sky sure was beautiful tonight. the stars were out and i looked and looked at them. i like doing stuff like that. if i had to give a prize for best lights display, i would put the stars first. so i do star gazing. its fun whenever. (Except in the daytime)

besides sitting on my carcus all weekend, i decided to ummmm....ummmmm......ok. thats all i did do. wow. what else can i scribble in here.

do you ever have a yearning for a companion. i mean someone who actually knows more about you than the government and any other person. i ahte waiting for that. its like waiting at the trian station for a train to come whenever it feels like it.


so ive rambled on for a minute about nothin. so enjoy your holidays.

have a safe christmas and new years. ( are we there yet?)

I also enjoy cheese....your companion will show up eventually..and if she doesnt get a dog. [??????] 12/24/2001 3:18:52 AM
i love the stars. [Blue D. Diamond] 12/24/2001 3:19:15 AM
tte..the stars a buetiful and i also stargaze. like tonight...its so clear outside the air is cold and crisp and it just feels like your the only one around to feel this exact moment when you look up and you wonder...where does it end.
I wrote a poem about the stars once...hey thats a good diary entry........ [tromboneLover] 12/28/2001 2:57:17 AM
Did you find her yet?
I love the stars!!!!
[fairerin21] 3/24/2004 11:06:58 AM

tho its been said... - 12/25/2001

i hope everyone enjoys their celebrations this time of year. thats basically all i have to say.


one of my favorite quotes of all time - 12/25/2001

this is probably my most favorite quote of all time. its off of "its a wonderful life"

"Remember, a man is not a failure if he has friends."

keep this in mind when you are not feeling good. it helps, take it from me.



i am in a good mood. after watching its a wonderful life last night, i meditated on its message. after i thought about it (about a minute) i saw everything in a new light, well almost everything. some stuff can not be changed. so i guess change is good. (almost as good as cheese) and i was thankful for all of the friends i have, and i still am. so i guess thats all ill say tonight.

oh yeah. the amount of updates in my dia-um journal has been a direct result of my winter vacation. so i have no homework and i have more time to do this. when vacation is over, i might not be able to write for a while because i have finals coming up. after that i have to practice my solo for districts, then i can get on the net and update this thing. i know its no big deal, but im just telling you, the readers, that it might be slow for a while, but i plan on continuing writing in this journal. so there will be a few more writtings in here untill after new years.

keep the peace


Just a word of advice to you. when asked over the phone to go on a date with a girl never let it be heard that your mothers answer is "no not until your 16 ' to the party on the other side of the phone....its ummm.....kinda amusing and makes you look ....immature...perhaps. just advice... [tromboneLover] 12/28/2001 2:52:56 AM

today was a good day - 12/28/2001

i went to springfield today, and i got a computer game that i wanted for a while. ive been playing it all night. one of those games where you have to use strategies and know your environment, and that kind of stuff. im addicted to it, but it isnt like i have anything else better to do anyway.

i went to a store and i got some of those shoestring french fries in a can. the funny part is that the company that makes it shares my name. its the kind that comes in a can and it tastes like potato chips. theyre good.

i went to one of my favorite stores thats going out of business. its called hastings. i guess this economy isnt as good as it has been.

the sad thing is that i have to go back to school in a few days. i have to go march back into good ol MHS and start doing what i do best. do what i have to do, but barely get by. i guess i shouldnt do that, but i do anyway.

the trombone emperor

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