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A Journal Entry I Wrote From Long Ago

Once again, I find myself on the unfortunate receiving end of the monster that is known as blogger's block. I mean I really, really want to blog, but I have nothing in particular to talk about. Anyways, this one is actually quite funny.

I have this dilapidated, warped, black case in my room that collects dust. If its so broken down, why do I keep it, you ask. Well, it holds documents for me, documents I really should burn. However, in the interests of science everywhere, I dusted it off, sneezed, undid the hinges, and picked the lock open (read, open, as it is old and was open anyhow).

Inside were roughly 8 notebooks full of prose I used to write. Some were rather recent (mostly math formulae and theories), some were so weathered, that the pencil is nearly faded. I am 99% ashamed of the stuff I wrote in there. Please don't laugh, as this was personal to a 7-9 year old back in the day.

I wrote what could be described as scripts. Yes. Scripts. I kid you not. Some were works of "genius comedy" with my friends and I as cast members, and some were Pokemon fanfics. Please don't judge me off of that. Pokemon was the biz back in the day. However, I am convinced that, again, most, if not all of them are not good to put up. Let's just say that there are some fanatical and very disturbing things that happen, and even if I were to post them up under other people's names, I would not be comfortable knowing that people knew I wrote that stuff. I may break down and display some on here someday, assuming there is A) demand, B) they aren't destroyed/burned, C) I can still read them D) I become shameless and not care about my reputation.

Believe it or not, before I started blogging on the Internet (Yes, even before my open diar-er, journal), I kept some journals that clearly said that anyone who wasn't the owner and author of the manuscripts would be punishable in the offense to crime and possible execution. I was a fun child. I did write some personal things, and I wrote, again, notebooks upon notebooks of stuff. Most of them I think have been destroyed accidentally. I did, however, find one surviving entry that I thought I would present to you on here.

Now remember, the following content does not reflect the opinions and establishment of current management of this blog, and I will gladly disown it if it becomes, say, Internet meme or anything. Also, bear in mind that this is a preteen's rendering of the world around him, a world becoming less sunshiny and more bitter as life goes on. Without further delay, here it is, the uncut and pureness that is "the deep archives of the Allengator".

Dear Journel
How are you? I have had a horrible summer. First I drop an electric mixer on my little toe, stub my other little toe, keep on being hissed at by Miss kitty, a huge heatwave comes, and there is only 4 weeks of summer left! And worst of all I have seen the most horrible sighte known to school kids These three little words Back to School!!!#@@!#!

A Limmerick

A boy went to the store
And saw something he had to bore
A Back 2 School sign(m?)
And how he whinned and whined
The he saw more and more

I am not happy
and not

I am not making this up one bit. I carefully checked the spelling, punctuation, and grammar, and that is word for word what I see in front of me. Man, I used to be a little bit of a bitter emo. Wow. Whodda thunk it? Yes, the "!!!#@@!#!" was actually in my entry, and not any actual profanity. I wasn't that extreme.

Also, this is kind of tied to a project I am doing, which is compiling all of my old blogs and whatnot and compiling them on here. I will let you know when they are up, if you are sick enough to read them all :P.

That's it for this kid tonight. Bye!

The Allengator
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