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Mega Media Monday 2.9.09 (Random Edition - Numero Deux)

This week is another edition where I let myself off the hook and just post random videos. I have a couple in the works now, but they need more time and wern't ready for today, so I figured that I would clear off one of my playlists from Youtube and post said videos in here. That doesn't mean that I don't think these are as good, because some of them are downright excellent, but I am just having a hard time finding a "theme", even loosely-based, to tie them all together with.

So enjoy the shots into the dark!

Unaware Steve's Video Game Extravaganza - Street Figher II: Double Dragon

This one requires a little explaination. Unaware Steve is a character off the awesome site ScrewAttack, and for a while, they had him do these "Video game extravaganzas" where he clunkily explains an old-school title, and confuses it for other ones. The best one has to be the Tetris one, but this is the only one on Youtube that doesn't use SA's crappy video player.

Creepy 70's News Story on Super Human

This is not a tie-in to the upcoming movie "Watchmen". Not at all. Nope. Not one bit....

Life in a Game 1-1

Life in a Game is a webseries of a guy named Guy who has real life elements mixed in with video game elements. The first three episodes are a little trippy, but starting with episode 3-1, "Plots and Subplotts" the series really finds its footing and just gets better and better with each passing episode. Enjoy.

What We Are

Never underestimate the power of monkeys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Treadmobile

This....this sucks. Its called the "treadmobile" and I think it should be considered the worst/most redundant/fail product in the current century. Why run, when you can run on a MOBILE TREADMILL? Think, people, think. I would make more fun of this vid, but it doesn't deserve it. To summarize in one word: FAIL!!!

Thanks for joining me this week. Now I do have a couple of requests in the tank, but I need more! Please send me your requests through the various ways on the net! I really really need them, and you don't want me to go all Akira Kogami on you, right? So send them in *winks and a star pops out*

Until next time, happy watching!

The Allengator
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