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'Gator? I hardly knew her!

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Mega Media Monday 2.2.09 (Indie Rock Video Edition)
Ice King, Adventure Time
The term "Indie Rock" can be interpretted many ways, and unfortunately falls into some very heated debates between people. Honestly, in my opinion, the term "indie" has lost its luster. I am not going to debater whether today's selections are indie or not, but in my book, they are. So sit back and enjoy the many flavors of modern indie groups.

Shut Up and Let Me Go - The Ting Tings

This video seems to be a throwback to the 80's music videos, or at least looks retro. Seriously, this was popular last year, so it must be current. Even though the Ting Tings are "indie", they think they are above the embedding video thing, so I have to link it. Boo!

Video here

Blind Man - Black Stone Cherry

This group seems like a mix of Nickelback and Puddle of Mudd. Awesome.

Energy - The Apples in Stereo

If you downloaded the Amazon MP3 program, then you probably got this song for free. The lead singer sure doesn't seem to match his voice, like a modern day Rick Astley.

Drama Queen - Switches

Warning: This video has women...er...fighting...I think? I'm not sure, exactly, but don't let the video distract you from the awesome song that I heard from the show "Chuck". The music video can be found here as, again, embedding is illegal or something. There has to be SOME kind of explination....

Mega Media Monday Extra Vid

Video Killed the Radio Star - The Buggles

Need I say anything more? This was the video that launched MTV, which isn't the same now, but anyways...Wow, we've come a long way with music videos, huh? I think this video is more random than "Never Gonna Give You Up". Enjoy this piece of history.

That's it for this week. Join me next week as we go over more media. Have a good week and happy watching!

The Allengator

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Great collection of "Indie Rock" videos! I LOVE Blind Man by Black Stone Cherry! Thanks for suggesting it to me! :0)

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