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Mega Media Monday 1.19.09 (MST3K 2 Edition)

Let's once again blow the dust off of the vault door, go through several layers of doors, and return to the love and snarkiness that is known as "Mystery Science Theater 3000", or MST3K for short. I won't bore you with the premise for the second time, but if you need an explaination, please go to here. So let's just get right into the videos, which, again, are all "shorts".

Gumby in Robot Rumpus

This is just about the closest I have ever come to recognizing SOMETHING in a video, since most MST3K videos are B-Z list actors. Gumby was scary enough, but these guys turn it into an art form.

Progress Island

These videos have a LOT of dated refferences in them, everything from Woolworths's, to "Groovy Clothes". What was this, some sort of vacation video? Something to recruit people to move? I guess we will never know.

Oh, and boomy music. Can't ignore the boomy music.

Part 1

Part 2

Here Comes the Circus

Last time I posted the "Ice Skating Circus", so I thought I would follow up with an acual short of an actual circus. Now, I am not scared of animals or clowns or anything, but sone of the things seen in this circus just looks plain disturbing!

That is it for this week's Mega Media Monday! I hope you enjoyed the hilarity that is Mystery Science Theater 3000. I love the shorts, and there are more where they come from.

I really really really really want some requests of videos, themes, or ANYTHING. If you don't, you'll make the pandas cry, and you don't want that, do you? SO SEND ME YOUR IDEAS, PLEASE! You can either leave a comment, email me, instant message, or send it through morse code through a digereedoo. Anyways, that's it. Happy watching!

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