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The Year 2008, Some Sort of Time Capsule Thingie

Today is the final day of 2008. Hmm, maybe THATS why they call me "captain obvious". Anyways, its time to look back at wat was, so we can (or in some cases, can't) look forward to the greatness that 2009 will surely shine down upon us.

Top News of 2009

10) Tim Russert has fatal heart attack.
9) Fights between Georgia and Russia.
8) China Earthquake kills thousands.
7) Floods, Snow, and lots of weird weather hit US.
6) Phelps breaks record of most gold medals in the olympics.
5) Governer of Illinois is a douche
4) Hillary and Palin become very powerful women.
3) Gas skyrockets....then plummets...
2) Mr. Barack Obama becomes first African American President Elect.

Top Pop Culture of 2009

10) Heath Ledger pretty much commited suicide.
9) Pushing Daisies is cancelled (goes at the top of my list :(((()
8) The Dark Knight sets new box office standards.
7) Bernie Mac has sudden fatal heart attack.
6) Indiana Jones returns!
5) Beyonce makes comeback with "Single Ladies".
4) Tina Fey imitating Sarah Palin is evidently commic gold?
3) Speaking of Saturday Night Live, many presidential candidates appear on there.
2) Twilight won't go away.
1) Writer's Strike is over, but is it too little too late?

Go to the previous entry "Mega Media Monday" for the top ten viral videos of the year 2008.

Top 10 Personal Favorite Videogames of 2008

Honerable mentions: My Japanese Coach, Clubhouse Games.

10) De Blob - Wii
9) Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood - DS
8) Sonic Unleashed - Wii
7) Soul Bubbles - DS
6) Ninjatown - DS
5) Kirby Superstar Ultra - DS
4) Wario Land: Shake it - Wii
3) Locke's Quest - DS
2) Mario Kart - Wii
1) Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Wii (You should have seen this one coming a mile away)

Top 10 Personal Favorite J-Rock Songs of 2008 (Old or New)

10) Julia Ni Shoshen - The Checkers
9) Bouken Desho Desho - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
8) Itsumo no fuukei - Satoru Kousaki
7) Sentimental Genreation - Tokitou Ami
6) Thrill - Tomoyasu Hotei
5) Go My Way - Yaida Hitomi
4) Rirura Rirura - Circle
3) Okuru Kotoba - FLOW
2) Samurai Blue - ZZ
1) Sekai wa Sore wo Ai to Yobundaze - Sambomaster

Top 10 Personal Favorite Songs of 2008 (Old or New)

10) Rapa Nui Choo Choo - From the Sam and Max Series
9) We're not Gonna Take It - Twisted Sister
8) I Shall Not Walk Alone - Blind Boys of Alabama
7) Blind Man - Black Stone Cherry
6) Xanadu - Olivia Newton John
5) Talk Dirty to Me - Poison
4) My Friend John - The Fratellis
3) September - Earth, Wind, and Fire
2) Hail to the Geek - Deaf Pedestrians
1) Don't Look Back in Anger - Oasis

Top 5 Personal Discoveries of 2008
5) - One of the best gaming entertainment websites out there.
4) DS/Wii Fanboy blogs - much information and information on game sales.
3) Kingdom Hearts - Nice Playstation Series (one is coming to the DS, so yay!)
2) School Rumble - Anyone who watches Anime knows the first one they really got into, and they have a soft spot for. Well, this is mine.
1) Ouendan - This started my current and future love of Japanese music and shows.

Top 10 Blog Entries of 2008

10) The Allengator's Poetry - Love Acrostic - May 26th, 2008
9) Audio Blog # 24 - Sonic Unleashed Video Commentary - Dec. 22, 2008
8) LiveJournal's Writer's Block Answers - May 27th, 2008
7) Mega Media Monday - 7.7.08 - July 7th, 2008
6) Social Networking Wars - SuperNews Video - Apr 22nd, 2008
5) The Allengator's Heartbreaking Love Letter to Her - Apr 27th, 2008
4) Mega MetaMedia Monday 9.29.08 (School Rumble Edition) - Sept. 29, 2008
3) Does the Word "Friend" Mean Anything Anymore? - May 29th, 2008
2) NaBloPoMo 2008 - The Big Finale - Nov 30th, 2008
1) Facebook Follies - Feb 14th, 2008

You can check out all of the nominated entries under this link.

That is it for the recap and this blog for the year. I'm glad to have enjoyed it with everyone, and I'm sure next year will be....well, it'll be another year. I'm just saying I have a premonition, but hey, it could be awesome for all we know. We'll have a new president, and new memories to share with others. That is it for this blogger. Until 2009, this is -

The Allengator
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