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'Gator? I hardly knew her!

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Audio Blog #24
Ice King, Adventure Time
In the spirit of giving junk out this time of year, I made a 4 part audio blog a couple of weeks ago about a game that came out, and with school and work shoving themselves down my throat, I didn't have enough time to post these, so all 4 parts will be posted over the course of the next few days. Aren't I so nice?

This one is a little odd, so let me explain. This is essentially a commentary on the opening video of the game "Sonic Unleashed". Yes, I am inputting my 2.5 cents into what I think was a nice, yet really odd opening to a game. Follow these simple instructions below the cut to ensure that the video and the audio are in sync.

1) First, load the Youtube video below, entirely.
2) Load the audio portion after the video is completely loaded.
3) I would suggest watching the video first, but its not necessary. Turn down the volume on the video some so that it doesn't drown out my pretty voice!
4) Start the audio, and in the audio, I will tell you when to press Play on the video. Magic.

Download the audio here

The other three will be loaded tomorrow and the next day. Until then, peace!

The Allengator