Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Things That Just Need to Stop

My project is going well, but the weather is horrible next week, so I am scared of not making it to my finals, but I guess we will see what happens.

I thought I would take out a little time and just vent on things I can not stand. If you like or provoke any of these, prepare to get a can of pure maddness in your face.
Seriously, the world is nuts, and this junk really needs to stop.

1) Hip-Hop/Rap. I dont care if its "Christian" rap/hip-hop, or the hottest record right now, but this music just burns my butt to a fine crisp. Seriously, the music and lyrics have to be some of the most degrading/cheuvanist/feminist/assinine of all time. "Yeah, me bettah than yo' bros." My butt. I mean I could puke up a better song with alpha bits than they can on their best day ever. The songs sound the same, and its infecting all the females around me. They wear these pathetic "flat baseball caps" and use lingo that I am not accustomed to. Also, your music offends me. This ESPECIALLY applies to "Solja Boy", Rihanna, 50 Cent, Lil' Wayne, and many more. Just go back to the gutters and leave your inane, pathetic, mind numbing, non-sensical, annoying, offensive music to yourselves, and just go away.

2) "The Economy Sucks". No kidding, Columbo! Jobs are going down the toilet, there are massive layoffs, cutbacks, and we are in the danger zone of becoming the next depression. That is reality, but guess what. You telling me that it sucks DOES NOT IMPROVE THE SITUATION AT ALL! If it bums you, then just do something about it. I have to hear about it enough on the news and whatnot. It just freakin' depresses me.

3) Family Guy Enthusiasts. I have seen about 2 or 3 episodes of this "Family Guy", and that is an hour to an hour and a half of my life I will never get back. Seth McFarlene, despite popular thought, is not a nice guy. He is just as offensive as a rap singer, except more people just accept it. Also, his drawings are terrible. Now, I am not saying that simplistic design is horrible, but the eyes just make them look like they are either insomniacs or drug users. The way they talk and whatever makes me think that is what it is. Really, I don't have a problem with your show, per se, but its the FANS of the show that annoy me. One day in my Web Development class, they all started spouting out random Family Guy quotes and quips. If I were not a nice person, I would have told them how stupid and fanatical they sounded, but I like those guys in there, and I keep to myself. Please, one quote here or there is fine, but don't base YOU ENTIRE CONVERSATION on it. Plus, its not funny, no matter how many people laugh.

4) "Obama is the sign of the end times" people. No, he's not. I consider myself a good, moral Christian, but some of these people just make me embarrassed to call myself one. Some nutballs actually FIT THE BIBLE TO MAKE OBAMA OUT TO BE SOME MORTAL ENEMY. That really is the problem with people. They try to make the Bible fit their needs instead of subjecting to it. "Oh, it says here that so-and-so is not tolerated by God, but surely it doesnt apply to us today." If you are going to follow the book, then follow all of it without question. "Hey, it says here in the driver's manual that you should stop at a stop sign. Surely in today's on-the-go world, that this is totally outdated and not needed." Try explaining THAT one to the cops. I have looked, and Obama, as a person, is NOT in the Bible. So take your weepy McCain rumpus and just accept the fact that you can't stop him from taking office. Really, this makes you sound like a nut.

5) There was one I was going to mention above, but I refrained myself from it, because so many of my friends would take umbridge to it. I'm trying to be respectful, but I know if I were to say anything, you'll either end up annoying me, or abandoning me, and we don't want either of that, so I will keep my mouth shut on the subject. It just annoys me that I can't say my thoughts without meeting a lot of antagonism.

6) Laughing at poor fortune. "Oh, the weather is bad today. It might get icy tonight. Oh hohoho..". Look, its not funny or even remotely entertaining, so QUIT LAUGHING AT SOMETHING THAT ISN'T EVEN FUNNY.

7) "Sign up for access". So annoying. I was looking for a manual I misplaced earlier, and when I couldn't find it, my first notion was "Hey, the Internet will have it." So I surfed to the manufacturer's website, and they did not have the product on there anymore, so after some digging, I found the product number, Googled it, and found a truckload of sites. I went on the site, and they have the manual! But......but the "download" button is greyed out.....why? YOU MUST SIGN UP FOR ACCESS. retarded! Its total and complete buffalo dumps. What if I don't want to sollicit my information to you? Make a fake account? Sure! However, when I try to find the "sign up" section, click on the link, nothing comes up. A tiny frame pops up telling me that I need to sign in to reach the sign up sheet. Fine, I'll look elsewhere. Ah! Another one. I still have to sign up? Well, at least this one will let me, but're CHARGING ME to look at some E-paper? No thanks! This is the dumbest, lamest, most idiotic thing I have ever heard of, and it just needs to stop, NOW!

That is my vents for now. Again, sorry for the lack of nlogs, but I do have finals and that stinkin' project to finish (which I would currently rank myself at about 85% Allengator completion). Have fun, and for goodness sake, be careful out there!

The Allengator
Tags: rant

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