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NaBloPoMo 2008 - The Big Finale!!!

Well, a whole month of blogging has come and gone, as today is the last day of NaBloPoMo. It was a great challenge to get all of the entries up every day, but somehow I prevailed. I actually feel kind of proud, in a silly way. I actually accomplished something I set out to do for once. I made a goal, I had my sights set, and I followed through without giving up a single day of stopping part way through. I have felt that that was a problem in my life, starting something I think I like, and then stopping for no good reason. Part of the reason NaBloPoMo meant so much to me was to prove to myself that I can do something if I put some determination in it. I know it sounds silly, but I think going through this until the end is a good step in the right direction.

Sure, I didn't have awe-inspiring entries everyday. Heck, I know some days were pure throw away ones, but they were posted as promised, and the main point was to post SOMETHING everyday, whether it be a sentence, or an autobiography. The point being is that I tried my hardest, and while it may not show on some entries, believe you me, having a job, responsabilities, homework, school, and travel, blogging is sometimes the last thing you think of doing. I am not saying I have found a new respect for blogging personally, but hats off to the people who blog everyday, whether its for something like this or not. If its a team blog, then kudos for having the scheduling to blog something. It is not an easy task.

Personally speaking, I think I will miss blogging everyday, and I may still do it once in a while, but I am also relieved that it is over. The first thing I will have to do is catch up with school work. Not saying that blogging took up my free time, but this was a holiday weekend, and we are having a miniature version of Thanksgiving at my house, of sorts, and after that, I have to hit the ground running with my project. It will leave me very little time to blog on here.

Tomorrow is another Mega Media Monday, which I have already started putting together, and will finish after typing this up. After that, I am going to take a sabbatacal, hiatus, vacation, or break from blogging. I wish I didn't have to, as I do have a lot of things to say, but I do need to think of my other obligations, and since I am barely not getting the 200 mark on my blog after a month of having a counter up (admittedly, 20 of those are probably me), it just isn't feasible to blog on here every day, epsecially since I'm not getting paid for it or anything. Why do I blog? That is a question.

Thinking in that regard, I mean I don't get any special privaleges. This is just an ordinary blog. I don't claim any importance or special signifigance, so there must be some reason I do it. I mean comments come by rarely, not that I am bitter when I get 1 or so comments a month, while Joe over there gets around 200, but c'mon. This blog is nothing really special to the world. I know a friend or two may read it, whether its on here or on Facebook, and they may learn something more personal about me that they already didn't know. I think those are important.

Maybe this is a journal for me, of sorts. Admittedly, I used to keep one when I was younger, citing the joys and pain of adolecense, revealing crushes, talking about friends, betrayal, all scrawled into a normal bound notebook with "Allen's Journal, touch or read under penalty of death. This means you too, Mom.". I was insecure with my admissions. looking back at some of those, they are funny to read, in a way. I didn't used to be as refined with my writing as I am now. I know die-hard grammar studeis people are rolling around in their graves at this, but I have come a long way in terms of getting my points across.

There was also another online journal I kept other than this one called "open diary". I looked at one of the later entries before I started blogging on here. Even I can tell the difference in writing styles from then until now. I know I have changed as a human, but my blogging styles have changed as well. Reading some other entries on there, I noticed I would blog most when I was upset or depressed, so reading some of those is kind of weird. Thankfully, I am not THAT way now.....yeah....

Even my earlier blog entries on here make me scratch my head in confusion. Actually, I used to think English was one of my worst subjects, but when I took the CAAP test, English has become one of my stronger subjects, despite me not having an English class since High School. I wonder where I got it from? I mean, I don't read much at all, and I certainly haven't written any papers as of late. I do program, but when they look like:

for(int i = 0; i < 5; i++)
if(i == 1 || i == 2 || i == 3)
Console.Writeline("This number is prime");

Console.Write("Press any key to continue.");

This mishmesh of text does not a blogger make. Again, this is coming from a guy who doesn't read, in the traditional sense anyways. I have been readong some "graphic novels" at work, but I don't think they hold a candle to something as eloquent as "Julius Caesar" by Shakespeare.

Maybe one reason for me constantly doing this is to hope for some sort of fame in the future, and this site will be worth much more than the puny $28.89 the "how much is your site worth" page told me. Yeah, futile, as I doubt I will ever become even remotely famous in my life, but it is a dream. I do keep myself at reality though, going to wonder in the future, when I stop blogging, eventually, if it comes, why I spent all this time writing something that only about 20 people or so will read in their lives, and probably not the entire thing at that!

One of the biggest reasons, though, would be because of that youth who wrote in those now-yellowed notebooks, is still around, and maybe he is still chronicling his life in not-so-great detail hoping someone will notice. Another sad admittion is that a good portion of those notebooks that had "death to anyone who touches" on it were either ruined, thrown away, or burned. Its not that I miss them, as I almost can't stand reading them, but the Internet has a better way of not losing or ruining my ramblings as much as I do. Now I do realize that at any moment, that I may lost my Internet connection due to the hard economic times, or that the Internet may become banned, or that I may go crazy and delete these blogs someday (Heaven forbid), but it has a much better chance of surviving than a notebook in my possesion.

What I mean by all of this is that I do take time to write something worthwhile when I am not blogging on a daily basis, but even those days where you were gyped by a one sentence or paragraph entry, a good portion of those were this author sitting there, trying to figure out what in the heck to say to the world. You may think "Yeah, not much time was put into THIS thing", but believe me, sometimes the shorter entries take more time to complete than these long ones. I guess that is writer's block? Who knows.

Just to prove that I went all the way, here is a chart on this month's entries. Again, a big thanks to everyone who viewed, left comments, or just saw the links of my blog on a page and read the titles. It means so much hearing from you guys, and I truly mean that. I am very proud of proving to myself that I can do something as ludicris as blogging each and every day of a month, including holidays and weekends, but I will be glad to have one less thing breathing down my neck as finals and final projects are crashing down. I am not sure if I will do this next year, but the first year I am out of college, you can almost bet that I will do a month on here again. So in closing, thakns for reading this, and maybe this will help inspire some of you who have a blog to pick it back up once in a while and write something. If it does, than my job here is done.

The end of the month of November and NaBloPoMo.

The Allengator
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