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Something Aggrivating at Work.....Imagine That!

I thought "Pretty Boy" Billy would get fired tonight, but alas, he did not.

I know Russell detests him, and Sue hates him, 98% of the workers hate him, anyone that meets him takes an automatic dislike. Seriously, this guy really needs to change his 'tude.

What he does is demean people and takes over their job. He said that he was manager, when he is only a carry-out. He also said that Sue
(night manager) does a worse job than he does, and he could do a better job while not taking as much vacation. Oh, she is maaaaaad. I heard he even does this at school.

Yes, hes in high school.

If he ever tells me what to do, i'll go up to him and say "I have worked here longer than you, know more thsn you, and your name is not on my paycheck. Oh, and the best part is that no one pretends to be nice to me, unlike how people treat you."

Why can't he just fire himself?

Anyways, I thought he would bite the bullet tonight, because Russell stayed late, on his short day, for some uneplained reason, and today was pretty boy's only weeknight to work, after the fiasco Saturday night (long story short, he called the firefighters about a gas smell....without consent of management), I was hoping he would get fired, but I don't think he will. I swear, if Russell had any brains, he should have fired him. Unfortunately we all know how that is. He wasn't fired when I left, and I think Russell was heading to his truck. I almost cried.

So much for my hopes.

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