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'Gator? I hardly knew her!

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Mystery #153 of the Universe is Solved!!!
Ice King, Adventure Time
Today's entry will be a little abbreviated, but its a holiday, and most of my entries this week have been more than substantial, so I think I am vested either way.

Just wanted to touch base on a tradition in these parts for Thanksgiving. Its not football, or an outrageous feast, or the "Black Friday" sales, but one that happens the day before that every other person in my neighborhood participated in.

I am, of course, talking about leaf burning.

Seriously, everyone seemed to be burning leaves today. Man. No wonder why I always feel sick around Thanksgiving. The smoke just gets to me and I feel like crud. A major mystery of the universe is revealed! Though I do feel sorry for the kids who won't be able to jump in a pile of leaves tomorrow. I guess they'll have to stay inside and play their Wiis. HA!

That is all for today. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

The Allengator

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Happy Thanksgiving Allen!!!

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