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Thoughts on PETA and Blood and Stuff
Ice King, Adventure Time
Thanksgiving is just around the corner and its the time of year we think of friends, family, and enjoy a day of gratuitous gluttony without any ramifications. It is also a favorite time if year for a certain group of people who tell us how evil we are. Yes, I am of course reffering to PETA.

Before I go on my rant, I want to say that I have nothing against vegans, vegetarians, or PETA members themselves. I know some people who are members that are good people. That being said, PETA freakin' annoys me.

The main thing that sparked this rant is the fact that they started using Cooking Mama, a Nintendo franchise, as a platform on showing how bloddy animals are before they are served. SERVED. You end up with a partially feathered, bloody (I'm assuming that its not ketchup) mess of a bird on your plate. It's really unappetizing. I doubt anyone will have a turkey prepared THAT badly....

Heres the thing. I have seen some of the ads and stuff they have done, and they are very graphic and disturbing. It is similar to a scare tactic that some denominations use to get new people (God will throw you in Hell if you don't repent and give us 20 (dollars)). I have been VERY turned off by the ads, but not in the way PETA wants me to be turned off. I got turned off by PETA, not the places of eatery.

Myself, I am not a huge meat eating person. Sure, I like Turkey, chicken, steak, hamburgers, fish, and so on, and there isn't an ad that will make me change my mind. I'm sorry, but God gave us dominion over living things (meaning other animals), and I doubt when man hunted for their survival they thoguht about the feelings of the animals, or when they offered sacrifices, and other ideas that are given to us. An animal, when it feels threatened, will not hesitate to kill a human. They do not care.

Now I am not saying "OMG, LET'S SLAY ALL TEH ANIMALS!!111!". Far from it. I am a huge supporter of conservationalism and habitats and the like. I am just saying if I feel like wanting a steak or hamburger, I don't want to feel guilty. PETA tries to do that, and it just upsets me. They have had several ads that either baffle me or just disgust me. SOMEONE has to come up with these.

There was one where a seal clubs a kid who is sledding on the snow, just so they can get his warm clothes (much like we would for getting seal clothes(?)). Yes, they kill a claymation kid on the snow, and the blood and everything....its just disgusting. Then there is the anti-circus animals video with Steve-O. Wow, an actual personality. Steve-O, for those of you not in the know (I wasn't at first) is a host of the popular teen series Jack@#$. Wow, way to represent the intellectuals in the PETA group with the host of the most retarded show on the planet.

Again, please do not take this personally if you are a member of PETA, but seriously, some of their tactics are just wrong. You attract more people with honey than with blood, or something like that. I know not all of PETAs members are this extreme about the cause. The calmer one I have no problem with. Its the extremist nutballs that I have a problem with. I don't think the movement is wrong, but the methods are certainly not working, especially here in farm country. Try a different method, PETA. I bet you'd be suprised.

*Watched another video with gratuitous violence*


The Allengator

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Well, being a vegetarian non-member of peta; i have no problem with you having a burger :)

Didn't peta get all on the case of Dreamworks for the "fishing for dreams" logo? They do need to chillax a bit.


Deidre - decoybetty.com

Thanks for your reply! I don't know if they had an issue or not with the Dreamworks logo. Let me wiki it...

"Right up there with Peta's protests against the Dreamworks' logo (boy sitting in the moon fishing, cause fishing is cruel to the fish)."

So yeah, it happened! Wow, that's.....I have no reply for that. Ridiculous is too light a word to use.

Thanks again for your reply!

I think that Peta has some good ideas, but I don't think their tactics are right. I eat very little meat, but I am aware of animal rights too. When I do eat meat, I try to support local farms where I know that the animals have had a decent life. I do agree with Peta's views on fur harvesting. I wish they didn't feel the need to show the gruesome videos to raise awareness though. I know this makes me sound really off the wall and weird, but when I eat meat, I silently aplogize to the animal for having to die. I feel horrible knowing that animals put their trust in us and then we lead them to their death for our dinner. I could go on for days, but I won't! If you want to hear my thoughts on animal rights, you can send me an email or ask me sometime!

Yeah, I think PETA has some good ideas (I agree with them on fur coats. Those never made sense to me, as they really aren't even that warm), I just think they are flawed/too extreme with their tactics. Seriously, the blood and guts thing just isn't going to attract a lot of people. Sure, it will make them think, but so can other things. It just kind of disgusts me some that it is the main tactic they use.

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