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Mega Media Monday 11.24.08 (Nintendo Music Edition)

One of those defining moments in our lives has to be when we switch on that big plastic box, and you are shown the title screen to a video game. Now call me nostalgic, but I have a soft spot for older games, as I grew up on the Atari and NES. With that being said, Atari didn't have much going on in the music department, but the many awesome songs on it.

Today's Mega Media Monday pays homage to many of those classic Nintendo themes, and songs made by the actual games themselves. You may hear several of the same songs over and over, but each are very well done.

Screwattack's Top 10 Game Themes

While the entire list is not Nintendo music, a very good portion of it is. I personally do not agree with the top 10, but, as the video states, you are more than likely going to find these songs on most top 10 lists.

Nintendo Choir

Can you name all of the songs the choir sings?

Nintendo Marching Band

Not to be outdone by some show choir, there is a band (Cal State) that did a Nintendo Marching show, and the result is viral awesomeness!

DuckTails Moon Stage - The Advantage

Just like the one that was on a previous audioblog, this band's cover of the Ducktales theme from the NES game is just epic goodness!

The Blindfolded Pianist - Mario Themes

This guy can play tons of video game themes without any music, which speaks accolades for any musician. This is the video that started his rise to stardom. It has a ton of different Mario themes in it. Just gawk at it already!

It's a Wonderful (Super Mario) World

Ok, so I don't much care for covers of songs, so I can't vouch for the song, but hey, at least it goes with the theme, right?

Super Mario World Music

This is not like the others, which plays known game themes. This is a guy using the sounds from the game "Super Mario World" on the SNES and creating some tunes. All of these songs are either anime themes, songs from other games, or just kinda random musics. Just watch at least a couple minutes of it and you will see how crazy it truly is.

I know I bombarded you with a ton of vids this week. Consider it an apology from last week's small offerings, but also for the next few week's which will probably be small as well. I hope you enjoyed hearing the same songs over and over and over :).

As always, drop me a line, tell me how I'm doing, suggest a video or a theme. You can always do that through commenting, email, instant message, or slapping it upside my head. Join me next week where I will be highlighting the best in....nah. I won't give it away yet ;).

Happy watching!

The Allengator
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