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A Battle of Non-epic Proportions

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It was a time of desolation. Warfare was on the rise.

Science has achieved a goal. Replacing a human arm....with machinary.

Because of this, Dr. Evan Roboarm became mighty.

Very mighty.

His arms were so strong, that he took over the country (Pronounced "Cuh - streek - uh - stan").

So Dr. Roboarm became a leader of warfare (pronounced Grawn - Drew - k - a - stan).

so the Kustrikastanians were fighting their nemisis, who merely wanted their precious supply of band aids. Grondrukistanians wanted world peace and some of that world famous Kustrikastanian pie.

So war became worse.

But the Grondrukistans had a plan.

Dr. Roboarm prepared his army to wipe off Grondrukistan off the map.

So the Grondrukistanian government sponsored a new innovation.

It was codenamed, "Lurch".

It stood 18 cm high and had a multi-colorful interface.

Complete automation.

And Dr. Roboarm is partially human, so his strength was significantl less than Lurch-bot.

They meet on a terrain that is totally not a computer desk at OTC, Springfield, Missouri, USA.

They fight.

Dr. Roboarm goes up to him.

Suddemly a mighty hand from the heavens came, yeilding a wonderful watch from Sears. It casts Dr. Roboarm into the hand of his nemisis.


Lurchbot throws him and knocks him around several times.

Here is the epic battle, digitally remastered.

So they meet on the summit, the mighty hand goes away, because he has to put up his lappy.

The two have a showdown.

Lurchbot disables the core of Dr. Roboarms internal computer, rendering him useless for 5 minutes.

It was all Lurchbot needed.

It had one bullet, which has to constantly be reloaded by another mystical hand, the hand of a man, known as "Phillip".

Lurchbot swivels back and forth, mostly to demoralize his opponent, partially due to the lack of funds OTC provides for the students in hopes of having semi-awesome motors.....I mean, technical shortcomings.

He hits Dr. Roboarm......He falls down 3 feet to his doom.

So world piece is achieved.

And Kustrikastanian pie made Kusrikiastan world-famous. Their new leader is Martha Stewart, since she has such awesome economic intelligence. Grondrukistan achieved world piece, and Lurchbot became featured as Time Magazine's "Person of the Millenium."

The Roboarms are now all piles of machinary and bluescreens of death.

Happy endings be had by all.

The End.

The Allengator
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    I love monkeys!

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    @BobMarley Your songs sound like a wailing hippie that is being killed by a grumbling acid tripper.

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