Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Rough Scheduling of Future-ish Bloggings

Originally, this entry was going to be more personal, but as I look at the time, I just do not have any. The next couple of days will most likely be busy as well, so probably none there either. In all honestly. its much faster to do these "weird/funny" entries than blogging my own life, so copy/pasting here I come!

A side note, on yesterday's entry, ABC FREAKIN' CANCELLED PUSHING DAISIES!!!!! One less show for me to watch, which brings my show watching numbers to 5. A very disappointed 'gator :(((.

Also, next week is Thanksgiving, so expect more of the same with the short entries and such. I hope you guys understand. It's a busy time for me. I will, and see through, my commitment of blogging daily this month, so there will be something new on here every day.

After NaBloPoMo I will be taking a bit of a hiatus from blogging (hopefully not at the expense of Mega Media Mondays or any reviews), mostly due to finals and such. We just got our final assignment in Web Dev. II, and it is a beast, to say the least, so a lot of my attention will have to be on that. I am slowly piecing together parts of it. So my blogging may have to take the back seat when it comes to academics. I have a A/B in there, and I want to keep it as such.

Speaking of school, I finally got registered for my spring classes, and both, unfortunately, have "that teacher". The one that caused me to drop my first class ever. I know I would have to face him again sooner or later, so might as well not delay the inevitable. The classes should be fairly simple compared to "C++ II" (Java I and Game Design), so we will see. Expect to possibly see some weeping and gnashing of teeth on here.

That is all for today as work is slowly approaching to suck the last bit of life out of me. Oh well. It should be better than Tuesday night, where I was more sick than I am now.

(Insert some kind of farewell thingie in here)

The Allengator
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