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Improvements to Television Shows

This is the time of year when we begin to worry about the fates of our favorite shows. Will it be axed? Will I ever see it again? well, I am giong to talk about some of my favorite show and add how I think it should be improved, if at all.

The Amazing Race:

Chances of it staying on television: Pretty Good.

What it has going for it: Awesome host, cultural insights, and human relationships.

How to improve it: CBS needs to stop making it a "replacement show" for when one of their shows tanks. Oh, this show won't be on, let's slap TAR there! Much like Survivor, keep it 2 (maybe 3, since seasons are so short) races a year. Fall and Spring would be best, but I wouldn't say no to a haitus race.


Chances of it staying on television: Kind of on the bubble.

What it has going for it: Awesome cast, Terrific Writing

How to Improve it: I am one of the few who think Chuck is fine where it is. Many want to see Chuck on a different night to save it from DWTS and House in the winter. I wouldn't mind to see it somewhere else, since I know I will see it, but I have always slightly credited Heroes for its success since it comes on before it. It does need to avoid DWTS, AI, and Lost when they return next year. Also, I may be in the minority, again, but they need to find that magical season 1 formula that made the show interesting to being with. It has been missing something, I'm not sure what, but its something.


Chances of it staying on television: Good for the rest of the season.

What it has going for it: Epic first season, the "heroes" genre has not been aruond in recent times.

How to Improve it: Oi. Where do I begin? At first I thought the firings of Alexander and Loeb were going to make things worse, but it may work in their favor seeing how the past few episodes have been. If Pushing Daisies doesn't make it, they should get Bryan Fuller back to do some episodes. If they can improve the writing, then Heroes will be back on track, but the axe is swinging overhead...

Pushing Daisies:

Chances of it staying on television: Not good. Not good at all...

What it has ging for it: Murder show that is family friendly, beautiful editing/graphics, excellent cast, brilliant guest stars.

How to Improve it: This is, in my opinion, 99% of ABC's fault of it not going well. No advertisements, no promotions, nada. Its almost they WANT to see the show fail, and it is a shame. Across the board, people are blaming the metwork, and not the show itself, which is relieving. Maybe some cable network will pick it up. Based on last night's Neilson ratings, it will need a miracle to stay on the network.


Chances of it staying on television: Are you kidding me? Its freaking Survivor!

What it has going for it: Its THE reality show that started the modern reality show boom.

How to Improve it: The "Twists" are not very original anymore. Probst needs to learn to not insert himself into the show. He is the host, not the mastermind. Locales all look the same. I know it has a snowball's chance in that place, but a colder climate would be a nice switch. Challenges, rewards are often repeated.

That is all I have for today. Agree? Disagree? ANy shows you want to rant about? Blog it, reply it, or grab a megaphone and scream it. See you tomorrow!

The Allengator
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