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Chuck 2.05 and 2.06 and Heroes 3.07 and 3.08 Reviews

Ok, I know I missed the reviews the last week, so to compromise, I will do a mini review of those episodes from a couple of weeks ago, and then do the regular ones for this week.

Chuck vs. Tom Sawyer

I am assuming this episode was awesome if you were an 80's child. I honestly didn't get many of the refferences in the episode (I am ashamed to say I NEVER heard of the Rush song "Tom Sawyer"), but here is the whole shebang. The guy who created the classic arcade game "Missile Command" actually controlled missiles, and one is hurtling towards the Earth, and the only way to stop it is to reach the kill screen in an old arcade version of the game.

Jeff, the resident drunken stupor of Buy More, was once the reigning champion of "Missile Command", and Chuck forces himself (is asked by the government, really) to hang out with him and have him play the game. He chickens out, and Chuck is forced to play the game himself. Beforehand, right before the creator of Missile Command got blown up, he told Chuck the answer is in the music of the universe, which, in the 80's, was evidently Rush (I would jave gone with E.L.O., but thats just me). Chuck then asks Morgan to play "Tom Sawyer" (Thus the name of the title. I thought it'd be about the book or something. Well played, writers of Chuck), and he reaches the kill screen, tells Sarah the codes, and the world is not destroyed.

Also, at the end of the episode, Sarah gives Chuck his diploma that she and *herecomestheshockergasp* Casey(!!!!!) both asked Standford to give him, so happy endings to him.

Despite my lack of punches and initial thought, this episode reminds me of the first season of Chuck. While it is light on the mythology of the show, it was VERY good. Best episode of the season, thus far. 8.8/10.

Chuck vs. The Ex

Emmett saves Big Mike from chokulation, and realizes no one else knows how to save someone's life. He then requires all employees to take a CPR class taught by no one other than Capt. Awexome! He saved this storyline, really. Then some college/high school-esque humor ensues when Morgan, Lester, and Jeff want to cheat on the test. They do everything from infiltrating Awexome's bedroom to spying on Chuck's test. I dunno....however, the best thing was that during the certification test, Lester and Morgan convince Jeff to choke on a top of a pen, and Awexome has to save him using the Heimlich Maneuver, which causes them to get the answers from the demostration...well, I guess except for Jeff. Again, I dunno....

Now for the actual plot. Chuck reminices about Jill, his ex that broke up with him and started to date Bryce, his nemesis, without warning. Chuck comes in his Buy More Green shirt and asks Jill to at least hear his side of the "Chuck cheating" scandal. She says she is dating Bryce and doesn't want to hear it. Present day, Chuck is doing some network installing for some Bio-engineering conference, and who walks in but Palin-like Jill. He immediately lies about not working ay Buy More, and before you know it, they are dating at a swanky restraunt.

Enter Casey and his Euro-wig and goatee costume. Baldwin totally makes this show enjoyable!

As Jill and him leaves, Lester and Jeff totally blows Chuck's cover (extremely awkwardly funny!), and Jill leaves him. He, at the CIA/NSA's request, goes up to her room to apologize, and to place a bug on her phone. Totally apologetically worthy. He does the charm thing, and Jill takes him in like a lost puppy. Chuck ditches the bug to help protect her, but somehow it still works. Explain that one to me....

Anyways, back to the van, the bug works, and Chuck flashes on some guy breaking into Jill's Boss's room, and tosses him out of a window and steals some bioweapon. Good grief. CHuck is told to wait in the van, and doing so, overhears a phone conversation from Jill's room, and thinks he is correcting someone in private, but that's the thing about not installing bugs correctly. If you don't, then conversations become two way, and Jill narcs out Chuck and his bug. So romantically-wise, Chuck is screwed, and not in the good way either.

They decide to bring Jill into the Orange Orange Interrogation Facility (OOIF for short), and Casey does not rat out Chuck as a spy just yet, but Chuck is making it hard with, you know, him banging against the one sided mirror. He demands to not let Jill go through with her presentation, so Sarah agrees to do it in her natural Austrailian accent (seriously, Yvonne is an Aussie!).

During said presentation, some shady dude drops a canister and bails out, with Sarah in pursuit. You see, the canister was actually a deadly bio weapon that kills people within an hour, so that's no good. Casey demands the place to be locked down and calls his only hope....Chuck. He's going to regret this in a few minutes.

Chuck is taking the Awexome CPR test when Casey calls him (awesome Casey pic on Chuck's phone there. He almost doesn't look pissed). Chuck bails out on Awexome's test and goes to his only hope....Jill. He's going to regret this in a few minutes. Heh, just seeing if you were awake. It'll take him a little but longer than a few minutes.

He apologizes to Jill and tells her that he is in the CIA/NSA, but she doesn't believe him, but has no choice when she sees Chuck' Seriously, who are they?) team. They run to the convention center, and Chuck tells her to tell him how to save everyone because he is not risking her life. She shoots him with some antidote poison because he has a completely rational fear of needles (I'm ok with them, but I am not crazy about shooting myself, ya know?) and as he goes in to save the day! But wait, he now needs to draw out his own blood to save everyone. He gives the needle to a very sick/near death Casey, who drops it due to weakness (who, Adam Baldwin? Pshaw!), and totally breaks the needle jar holder thingie. Fine, I never took bio chem. Now are you happy?

He tells Jill, who does not hava a backup syringe, goes looking for a different way. Meanwhile Chuck has a revelation. The antibodies in his body should have made its way to his saliva. He looks at Casey. See? Told you he'd regret calling Chuck.

Chuck tells Casey the only way to save him is for them to swap spit. Casey says "I served my country with honor. PLEASE LET ME GO DOWN WITH DIGNITY!" Chuck says "tough noogies" and they kiss more than I have with any girl. Casey looks understandably frightened/angered. Er, is this fanservice or something? Either way, I could not stop laughing. Its just waaaaaay too awkward.

Jill comes in with a hazmat suit and she sees the two guys "exchanging saliva". She asks Chuck why, and Chuck explains his reasoning. Then Jill says something to the effect of "That is not how it works, moron" and Casey looks like he could kill Chuck if he wern't, you know, dying.

She gets Chuck's blood, and they save everyone. Sarah catched the rogue CIA agent and everyone's happy, unless your name is Sarah who comes down with a simple case of jealousy and Jill and Chuck kind of commit to each other more than she wishes. Awkward.

This episode gets a 8.7/10 from me as well, mostly because of that one kissing scene. This is again, one of the best of the season.


Eros Quad Sum

Peter loses his powers to his dad, and Sylar goes to "save his brother". As he does, Arthur tells Sylar that Angela tried to kill him when he was a baby because of "what he would become". Sylar decides to spend more quality time with his bio-dad, and throws Peter out a window, all brotherly-like, but Peter survives despite having no healing abilities, so Sylar obvoiusly TK'ed to break Peter's fall, and Peter realizes that, but unfortunately Arthur notices it too.

After Lyle throws water on Elle, she and Claire go to Pinehearst to get rid of her power, because, lately, her electric shocks have been getting more and more painful and intense. Elle runs into Pinehearst while Peter gets dragged to his apartment via Claire.

Mohinder (not "The Fly"...) takes Maya to Pinehearst where she gets her powers taken from Arthur, and she verbally slaps Mohinder and heads back to Mexico. Good riddance. Mohinder is not working in the lab at Pinehearst, hoping to reverse his mutation, but retain his powers. Hear that? He wants his cake and eat it too. Either make him normal again, or kill him off, please!!!!

Arthur wants Matt, but Maury, his daddy, doesn't want to hear it. Arthur snaps his neck and kills him. Wasteful, but at least his minions see he is serious! Daphne goes to Matt's and pretends to be his loving crush-mate or whatever. The "turtle" looks on in dispair...

Hiro talks to A Freakin' Knee Sock and A Freakin' Knee Sock makes him eat dingo feces, or whatever, and Hiro passes out, presumably from stupidity or whatever, which brings us to....

Personal Score: 7/10


Yes, the title is shared with the volume title, I know. Its a "villains" flashback episode this week, folks.

Hiro is still passing out from the dingo dung, or whatever. Its honestly kinda stupid, but anyways...

HRG and Elle are spying in a Primatech van on one Gabriel Grey (who is known as Sylar in the future). HRG knows he's a killer and wants him to kill another hero so they can see how to transfer powers. Elle goes in just as Gabriel tries to hang himself. Elle saves him and they bond. Gabriel later invites Elle to his place, and she brings peachy pie, which is, evidently, her favorite. Hey, how about some pie for the reviewer here? No? That makes me a sad, sad panda :(.

Anyways, Elle is starting to connect with Gabriel, who is basically seeking redemption from killing Brian Davis. She asks HRG to abort the mission, but he says no can do, company orders. They need to make him a killer. I can't help but feel that he is going to regret it later.

Some emo hero who can...I guess shoot invisible bullets from his hands. You know how people pretend their hand is a gun and make that popping noise making it sound like they are shooting you? Well, imagine that, but more invisible, deadly bullets. Good? Good. Elle and him visit Gabriel, and "the hunger" starts, and long story short, the world has one less emo kid. Elle runs outside and tells HRG that "they created a monster". This story is riddled with future irony, I swear! HRG jumps into the Sureshmobile ala series pilot.

Flint (blue flamey dude) is brother to Meredith, who gets caught by Eric Robert's Company. She pretends to go along with it, until she sees that they locked up Flint and offered him a job as an agent, and that does not set well with Meredith. That may be because he is two headwhacks away from mental retardation, but that just may be the insomnia talking. Seriously, the guy ADMITS that he's stupid. Sad, really. They hitch a ride in a train, Eric Roberts is hiding within and screws everything up, as usual, and Meredith makes the train catch on fire. Remember the burning train in the series premiere that Claire ran into? It was started by her bio mom. Ironic. Eric Roberts catches Meredith, but lets her go. I still don't understand that plot point, but whatever.

Now for the meat of the episode. The Petrelli family. Nathan says he is going to go after Linderman's company, which does not set well with Arthur, his daddy. You see, if he takes down Linderman, then he will see his dad's snakeyness, and who wants that. He tells Linderman that he wants his own son dead. Someone's not getting the "Father of the Year" award.

Then we cut to the car scene that made Heidi paralyzed, but honestly, it is still unknown whether it was one of Linderman's henchman or Arthur himself. I figure its the former, as Angela asks him whether he is trying to off his own son, and Arthur mindwipes her.

Linderman comes back and heals Angela's mind, and she sees the massive deception of Arthur, so she is going to do something about it (The irony being that Linderman ended up being better and more of a father to Nathan than his own father was, and Nathan basically allowed Linderman to be killed in the first season). She makes some lentil soup with some added ingrediants. Arthur says its delicious, but the Haitian looks on. Arthur knows that the you-know-what is about to hit the fan, and he has a massive heart attack. One thing stops him in the form of Nathan coming in and rushing an ambluance. Angela won't be able to cremate him after all :(. So much family love, I swear.

They rush him to the hospital, and the doctor says that he is dead. Immediately, Angela requests a cremation, and Nathan looks partially spooked (Another ironic moment. When Nathan goes to tell Peter about their father dying (Six Months Ago, Season 1), he says "He can rest well with the fact that he will never know his sons were about to stab him in the back." Ouchie!). The doctor goes back in and tells a very not dead Arthur that he lied, and that he will be paralyzed forever. For a moment, he looks betrayed, even though he can't really move his mouth or anything.

Hiro snaps out of his dingo (Ok, fine. I know its Africa, and that dingos do, in fact, not exist there, dingo is just a funny word, ok?) dung drugginess, he goes out to find A Freakin' Knee Sock, who he finds decapitated, and when he finds the head, Arthur is there and starts power-sucking him, and Hiro screams like the little boy he is. Ok, so it is some scary. I don't care how stupid the Hiro storylines are sometimes. I want to see him live, dangit!

Perosnal Score: 7.2/10

Whew, this took me over two hours to type, so you're welcome :P. I didn't do the whole "scene/line of the night" because I'm too tired and it would have taken me even more time to find one. Well, join me the next time to episodes are awesome. Thanks for reading.

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