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'Gator? I hardly knew her!

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Learning How to Draw Triangles on a Computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ice King, Adventure Time
I guess I am actually getting a slight reprieve from school, as no new assignments were given last night. Yippee! I have been restarting an old project I started about a year ago. Its funny because I was reading the about file and it said 11-11-07. How ironic is that? You guys will totally see the fruits of my labor about a month from now, I guess.

Anyways, outside that, nothing else is really coming to mind at the moment for blogworthy commentary, so I will make tiny talk until then.

We are going to learn how to make triangles in my programming class. I am so glad this overly complicated concept is being taught at such a high level class! In all actuality, it may be a little harder than I think, because it will involve DirectX, vertices, and the like. This class is a challenge, that's for sure.

Web Development, while being fun, is getting infuriatingly annoying with the constant assignment every night with nary details on how to complete such assignments. The book doesn't help, because with ASP.NET, the book uses VB while we use C#. While they are similar, they are also different enough to constitute as a different language. So...it kinda sucks with ASP.NET. I just wish we had more time to look at things. I kinda wish we would go into PHP...bleh.

They started playing Christmas music the day after Halloween at work. No where else will you see such dedication to the holiday spirit! ......yeah.....

Life is just life. Nothing to report, because I am boring. Go me!

That's it. Time to go start interrogating people on why they haven't updated their LJ's....

The Allengator